Self-Proclaimed Voices for Social Justice Ring Silent on Racism
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 4th September 2017
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County Executive refuses comment on historical Todd’s Inheritance and its ties to slavery

Facebook posting from Kamenetz begs the question – Is Kamenetz a hypocrite


Recently, The Baltimore Post published a column regarding Governor Hogan removing the Taney Statute in the dead of night from statehouse grounds, as well as the historical nature–as related to slavery–behind Todd’s Inheritance, which is located in eastern Baltimore County. According to published sources, the reasoning for the removal of the statue was its relationship to the civil rights era, not to mention the outcry from the left to remove such monuments. Despite their historical nature, Governor Hogan and Mayor Catherine Pugh felt the need to downplay the past struggles of our nation and revise our current view of history.

And, to make matters worse, they both did so under the cloak of darkness.

The Post believes this was an ill-conceived venture into absurdity. This column will address the mindless attempts of our politicians to rewrite, or ignore, history.

What is particularly ironic about the situation is that Baltimore County faces a similar dilemma regarding Todd’s Inheritance in Edgemere. Before we get to the issue of the deed language of the historical site, let’s take a look at what Mr. Kamenetz posted on his Facebook page regarding, in Kamenetz’s own words, “Removing the monuments that honored our nation’s dark past.”

Tonight I was proud to join so many at the “No Room for Hate in 21228 Rally” to share our renewed commitment to stopping the spread of bigotry in our communities.

While recent events have been sobering reminders that hate can exist everywhere, events like tonight’s prove that love truly does trump hate.

Here is another:

Removing the monuments that honored our nation’s dark past is absolutely the right step forward.

Now we must come together to root out the vestiges of historical racism and hate that exist within our public institutions as well as in our public squares.

And, finally, this post aligns Mr. Kamenetz with our RiNO Governor Hogan:

House Speaker Busch is absolutely right. We must finally remove the confederate monuments— especially at our state house— that serve as symbols of hate.

That was exactly why I made it a priority to rename Robert E. Lee Park to Lake Roland Park — to end monuments that honor historic policies of discrimination, support segregation, and perpetuate beliefs of white supremacy.

Following the wretched acts of domestic terrorists this past weekend, we must take all actions we can to eliminate these relics of our dark past.

Folks, one would think that the county executive has made his feelings quite clear with the statement, “to end monuments that honor historic policies of discrimination, support segregation, and perpetuate beliefs of white supremacy.”

The Post believes that Mr. Kamenetz, despite choosing to spew venom about white supremacy and segregation, seems to be tight lipped when asked via email about the following:

Kevin Kamenetz

Baltimore County Executive

Dear Mr. Kamenetz:

Do you have any comment over why the historical Todd House, with its history pertaining to slavery, has not been addressed by either you or members of the County Counsel?

Emails will be sent to all Councilman/Councilwomen attempting to gain a response on this issue.

It’s rather ironic that the county would not take action regarding the overt reference as outlined in the deed pertaining to slavery.

Please consider this email for the record. The Post will publish a follow-up to the below listed column.

Thank you for your time in this matter.

The above email was dated August 24, 2017.

One would think that Mr. Kamenetz would be quite clear about his position on such a sensitive issue. After all, three comments directly from the his Facebook page reveal his sentiments.

Yet, our email has been met with radio silence.

After reading the deed, which clearly flies in the face of everything Mr. Kamenetz appears to stand for, we have to wonder why on earth would he choose not to comment?

Once again, we invite you to carefully read the deed (linked at the bottom of this column) from 1947 and its reference to issues apparently abhorrent to Mr. Kamenetz. If you read the deed without any comment from our elected officials, the word hypocrite truly applies.

It gets even worse folks. The same email message was sent to each council member, yet not one of them replied to our request for comment.

The radio silence is also coming from county executive candidate Councilwoman Vicki Almond.  Additionally, we sent a request for comment to another county executive candidate, John Olszewski, Jr., who seems to be playing “hide and seek.”

Mum is the word from the Council.

There is still time for any member of county government to respond via our comment section if, by some mistake, they did not receive our email … or were on another planet.

In closing, the only way to refer to the leaders of Baltimore County would be hypocritical — with emphasis on the “critical” component.

To read the deed click on the image below:

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