Setting the Record Straight
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 31st January 2017

Councilman Crandell steps up to the plate and stands up for his constituents

(Click on the above drop-down bar to the link  to hear to view Mr. Crandell’s full statement)

Mr. Crandell did not provide the Post with his statement due to continuous censorship from his office.

Someone asked me when this series of articles would be complete, and my response was that I would finish when at least one of our local officials has the courage to step forward and address whether the 7th District will be ruled by law enforcement or vigilantism.

Late today Councilman Todd Crandell did exactly what he took an oath to do–step up to the plate and set the record straight.

Here is an excerpt of Councilman Crandell’s statement:

Many of you have heard about the idea of bringing in motorcycle clubs to conduct police activities in our communities and I have to tell you, as your Councilman, I cannot in any way support or endorse this idea — it is simply a bad idea.

Having untrained, unvetted, and unlicensed people conducting law-enforcement activities in our neighborhoods simply will not work — the risks are too great. The possibilities for a breakdown of law and order in our neighborhoods is too big of a risk for us to take.

Thanks to our  IT team, headed by James Ott, the Post was able to provide Councilman Crandell’s video response because, as this photo shows,  we are locked out.  Click on the link to hear the the councilman’s entire statement.. This additional link shows the last time I was able to gain access to Councilman Cranell’s FB page where I left the only one comment  and that was back in 2015. The only other contact from the councilman was a solicitation for a donation which I took as a slap in the face.

Mr. Crandell has been warned before that censorship of any of his constituents is a direct violation of his oath of office.

In the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, the Post applauds Councilman Crandell for having the courage to step forward and make this announcement. However, in doing so, he took exception to the Post breaking this story and chose to announce that his statement would be given to the Dundalk Eagle and the East County Times.

Maybe someone needs to explain that there is a new news source in town.

Honestly, we at the Post found this a bit strange since it was our investigative journalism that broke this story, as this link reveals. That article will also contain links to the first of two articles on this issue.

Although viciously attacked by the R.A.T.Core Group, the Post’s staff has a long standing record of accurate reporting to the point that we once again contacted every east side political leader, top law enforcement officials, and the County Executive’s office seeking a reply on Mr. Cliff OConnell’s attempt at hiring motorcycle clubs to deal with the “thugs” on our street corners.

Rather than rehash news already found in our two previous articles linked above, the Post believes this matter is now closed. With that said, we will continue to monitor both the R.A.T. Core Group and its leader, Mr. Cliff OConnell, who was appointed by Councilman Crandell.  The Post will also continue to fight the censorship still in place by Councilman Crandell and the R.A.T. Core Group, which the Post has documented numerous times in previous articles published on this an another news site.

Perhaps someday the Councilman will give the Post credit where credit is due as well.

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