Shining No More: “Sun-Down” is Upon Us
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 15th August 2017
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After 60 years, I have canceled my subscription to the Baltimore Sun

Liberal agenda and revisionist history is too much to swallow


It’s almost ironic, but my first job was delivering papers for the Baltimore Sun. In addition to being a delivery mechanism, I was also an avid reader of said paper, and I eventually worked for said publication in the editorial department. I stayed that course over decades because of my loyalty to a once proud publication that delivered the truth without prejudice. The Sun dealt in factual information, and I stood behind its stories.

Sadly, over the years, the Sun’s course deviated from a straight line to a progressive liberal agenda.

During the course of an average day, I receive many phone calls from readers who seek the truth and want to see what goes on behind the curtain.  More and more, people are telling me they can no longer read The Baltimore Sun because of its liberal bias.

It got to a point that, as a middle-class American, I can no longer stomach the issues – or lack thereof– regarding the publication that is now so far left that it has become unreadable. After many decades of reading the Baltimore Sun, I had finally reached a point, like so many others, that it was not worth the money or my time to read a slanted version of the news.

I recall one incident when I noticed that the Baltimore Sun readers poll revealed some startling statistics. An advertising claim boasted that the publication reached a million people per week. So you can imagine what it was like for someone like me, who always has prying an inquisitive mind, to tally the numbers of these various poll questions dealing with important issues.  After watching the numbers for so long, it became apparent that the average count hovered around the mid hundreds, and only occasionally rose slightly above that number, which was not indicative of reaching a million people a week.

I wrote about that several times; shortly thereafter, the Sun stopped publishing their poll questions and numbers and eventually changed the format.

What was even more appalling to me was that many of the Sun’s editorials were beyond common sense and went into what I call “The Land of Oz.”

In fact, I might be inclined to think the paper facilitated the city of Baltimore’s decay. Just to give you a few examples of how the city has become one of the most violent urban areas in the country, the leadership continues to make what appeared to be ludicrous that egregious decisions that will continue the downfall of one of the great leaders of our time, Donald Schaefer.  Some of you may recall this incident that I believe may have lit the fuse for the politically correct agenda.

In my humble opinion, the Sun’s coverage is engulfed in political correctness and biased. Let me give you one example what I’m talking about from the article:

I don’t want to adjust to another language. This is the United States. I think they ought to adjust to us,” the comptroller complained. “The people who come here should become part of American [sic], become Americanized and speak the language.”

For those of you who are inclined to read the Good Book, you might recall the story about The Tower of Babel.  In biblical terms, that means that if everyone speaks a different language, how in the hell are we supposed to communicate? Since there are more than 120 different languages spoken in this country, which ones are the liberals going to choose not to learn or speak?

Here is another prime example of the lunacy of The Baltimore Sun.  It deals with monuments related to the history of this country and how we became a strong democracy, yet somehow people now want to change all of that history.

The word lunacy is a rather strong adjective to describe the Sun’s point of view, but anyone with common sense can look at history and see that the following information throws a wrench into the the paper’s thought process.

Let’s start off with the founding fathers, who drafted the Constitution of the United States. Some may be shocked to learn that majority of those that signed that historical document were in fact themselves slaveowners.

In fact, I’ll make it easy for you. Of the total members of Congress signed the Declaration of Independence, 41 of those were slave owners.

Let’s go one step even further into the PC BS of the Sun’s lack of research and downright propaganda spewed to readers. Let me show you once again what a good journalist does before putting pen to paper, so to speak. There is another prominent name attached to the above group – a person who was considered the founding father of this great nation. That is unless you’re under the spell of the Sun’s mindless editorial board. One would think at least one member of that board would have enough common sense to do some research, especially concerning historical information they claim should be eradicated from the history books.

Some of those knowledgeable people may be shocked to hear that our founding father, George Washington himself was in fact a slaveowner.  To the Sun’s editorial board I say – read it and weep!

Where does this absolute lunacy stop? How far are these idiots willing to go to destroy history simply because it does not fit their liberal agenda.

I would guess that if the left-wing liberal and mindless Sun Editorial Board had its way, the History Channel, Smithsonian Channel, and others that enlighten our minds with the facts about the past would just go away. A great indium states – “Those that fail to remember history are doomed to repeat it.”

Even the rudderless and at times gutless Gov. Larry Hogan has jumped headfirst into a shallow pool of liberal and PC buffoonery.  I want to ask the hapless, rudderless Governor Hogan why, as a Christian man who believes the bible, he should disavow the good book (check out the link and you will see exactly what I’m referencing).  Come to think of it, the left has already begun its attack on religion.

Here’s homework assignment for Larry: look up slavery and Sharia Law.

One more issue before I close shop for the day: a question for the idiots on the left. Read this link on who is denying the Holocaust ever existed and guess who put out that propaganda.

It was the Nazis.

Let us not forget this issue of Time Magazine in 1938, which is a part of history.

(Click on image to view historical data)


Does that mean the liberal agenda is headed down a fascist path of destroying the culture, the history, the flag, and everything historical for any Americans who take the time to read?

As I mentioned before, forgetting the past means we are doomed to repeat the failures of our past.


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