Skipping School — Pols Mostly Absent on School Violence
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 5th June 2017


Some pols are reacting (sort of), others are running and hiding, and the Sun is still in the clouds


(Publisher’s Note: the video below falls under the public domain)

Before getting into the crux of the latest Post investigative piece about the utter chaos occurring in the BCPS system, we need to make a point to the people, as depicted in the following comment:

This article doesn’t help anything. The only thing I am getting from you is that you want to whine about stuff and place blame. Congratulations on that.
To date, more than 23,782 unique viewers have felt it is important to be informed about this very serious issue. There is no whining here. Just the facts.
With that said, below is the latest piece of video taken at Lansdowne High:   


Here is another interesting comment from one of our readers:

Dr. Dance was against suspending students for this. When I was younger you were suspended for a week if you got in a fight. He had the mentality that you cant punish a student for bad behavior. Students caught bullying or instigating a fight should be sent to a school that deals with these behavioral issues. School staff needs to get the power back in their schools and the parents need to be more involved. Parents need to be held accountable for the actions of their children. Maybe parents of bullies/ trouble makers should have to attend sessions with their children.
Dallas Dance only cared about equality, not education.
In this next visual, you will see the words of another frustrated parent in an attempt to get some answers, as well as the response from Community Superintendent George A. Roberts:  



The Post has reached out to Delegates Robin Grammer and Ric Metzgar, both Republicans from the 6th District.  Del. Metzgar promised a press release on this subject by tomorrow morning.  Del. Grammer did not return our phone calls. The Post also reached out to Senator Johnny Salling with no response. Not one council person has commented on this horrific problem.

Sources did tell us that county executive candidate Vicki Almond was seen at the Historical Society’s gala at the SPCC passing out literature regarding her bid to lead Baltimore County. Delegate Bob Long was also present at the event and did not respond to the Post in writing after a phone conversation.

The really sad part about this whole matter is that not one single politician (except Pat McDonough) has stepped up publicly to address the crisis that is occurring in our school system.

To that end, Del. McDonough has scheduled a news conference for 10 am tomorrow at his office on Carroll Island Road, during which he will demand a complete and thorough investigation into this very serious matter.

Coming up, the Post has documented evidence of an attempted police cover-up regarding the number and types of weapons being brought into our public schools.

Stay tuned…

(Note:  The Post has one of our top writer’s assigned to look at the reasons behind the complete breakdown of civility within our BCPS.  Some very interesting exclusive facts will examined in that detailed investigation.)

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