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Posted by Buzz Beeler on 18th January 2017

February 13, 2014 7:43 pm ET

State, county get high marks for taking on “flakey” Mother Nature

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Typically, this blog focuses on things that negatively impact our community, particularly when it comes to the actions of the state or the county. However, when the occasion warrants, I like to report on the positive side of things.

This will be one of those times.

So, do not adjust your computer—compliments regarding the state and county will follow, and they are intentional.

While I may disagree with the political agenda, as well as the “end justifies the means” culture, I have always attempted to call the shots fairly. That is my policy, for better or worse, regarding every column I write.

So, with that in mind, I will say that both Governor Martin O’Malley and County Executive Kevin Kamenetz—along with the thousands of state and county employees—deserve a very profound THANK YOU! I’m sure I speak for many Marylanders regarding this subject.

We saw firsthand what can happen when the state is prepared for a storm-related emergency. These events are not pretty, and then can (and have) have a severely negative impact on an incumbent politician.

There is a major incident that comes to mind—by not being prepared for a winter storm, a particular county executive got the proverbial boot from public office, never again to reemerge. This article in the Sun tells a pretty gruesome account of a story back in 1993. Anyone remember who the county executive was back then?

Well, we who were working under those conditions do, and he disappeared a long time ago.

Another Sun article explained it rather simply; do your darn job or get the heck out. (Admittedly, the words “darn” and “heck” were not exactly what I had in mind, but they’ll do.)

Since the days of Roger Hayden’s lost battle with the “flakes” (as in snowflakes), elected officials—both locally and nationally—have heeded the toilet paper and milk syndrome and have paid closer attention to the weather forecast.

We all remember the horrific scenes of death and destruction following Hurricane Katrina that will forever be the legacy of the Bush administration, like it or not. At the time, I thought that this couldn’t happen in America, but—sadly—it did.

Hopefully we will never have to live through this, at least in this state and county.

Stay safe everyone…

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