Snow White and the 7 Omissions
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

March 9, 2015 10:01 pm ET

Results of IA case released, and the results are a “whitewash”

Source: Snow White and the 7 Omissions

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People in this County had better learn to “cut a rug,” because that may be the only way to see what has been swept under that rug.

In previous blogs, I wrote about the long-festering Internal Affairs Case that began on August 8, 2014, which culminated with a letter sent to Mr. Bob Staab and Mrs. Karen Cruz. Mind you, that letter was sent after a period of weeks sitting on the commander’s desk gathering dust.

My comment was as follows: “Speaking of trust—and this is just my opinion—why doesn’t our Councilman Todd Crandell step in and help his constituents, Karen Cruz and Bob Staab, who supported him in his bid for the council seat. Why is the IA case being sat upon long after it was completed?”

Well, apparently Councilman Crandell made a call, and the IA case results of the County Police were released to both Mr. Staab and Mrs. Cruz.

To say that the results were underwhelming would be an understatement.

In my humble opinion, there was one thing missing—the TRUTH!

That report was a whitewash complete with bleach.

How I can use such harsh words? Well, to be honest, one only has to look at the leadership of the department, where honesty is not quite at the top of the list. Additionally, one must also look as to who runs the department, and that particular person is well known for his less than stellar performance in decision making, including his choice of furniture (desks) for his office décor.

But I digress on all of that. Back to the report, or the lack of a report.

It doesn’t take a GED to figure out where this whole issue was going. I can tell you from first-hand experience that the truth often gets in the way of the overall TPTB (“the powers that be”) agenda.

Some stellar highlights from the letter go to the absurdity of this entire process.

(Note: For those who are “smarter than a 5th grader,” prepare to be insulted.)

This statement from the letter is an eye twitcher: “Internal Affairs is not the appropriate venue to ascertain whether or not constitutional or civil rights have been violated.”

If that is the case, why did Eric Holder send a slew a feds to Ferguson to investigate the shooting? I will tell you why—because they were investigating the police (in a witch hunt) looking to hang an officer for doing his job.

Who else in Baltimore is supposed to investigate police actions of any type to see if wrong doing occurred?

The answer is Internal Affairs. You start at the beginning and move forward.

Here’s another wing-dinger. Now, we were just told by Captain Lamont Martin—the commander of IA—that it’s not IA’s job to see if the actions of the police violated any departmental policy. If that truly is the case, then why do we have this statement: “… after a thorough investigation, including the review of all available documents, video recordings and interviews of all relevant witnesses, we have not been able to substantiate the allegation that Major Wilson’s statements were false as alleged in your complaint.”

Regarding the “all relevant witnesses” statement, I’m curious as to who these witnesses were. I was there, Mrs. Cruz was there, Mr. Staab was there, along with Mr. Collier, Delegate Long, and a host of others. Were any of us interviewed? I don’t think so.

I called Mr. Crandell’s Towson office to see if he was interviewed, but I received no answer. I left a message to see if IA talked to him, since he was someone that also gave testimony at the council work session.

According to the letter, a lot of alleged work went into this investigation, but—upon further review—I can’t seem to find anyone that was interviewed during the supposed “thorough investigation.”

I guess you can say that there was no substantiation of the claims if you didn’t interview any of the people that were directly involved and were eyewitnesses to this entire whitewash.

If it’s not a whitewash, then why would Chief Johnson say in a statement issued to the Dundalk Eagle:

“When the private meeting between the police and the Dundalk United members became publicly known, Elise Armacost, a spokesperson for Baltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson, told the Baltimore Sun that the police officers should have not had a private meeting with Staab or Cruz.”

“The chief has made it emphatically clear that this department encourages people to express their opinions,” Armacost said.

“We welcome spirited debate at our meetings, and this department … does not want to provide or create an impression that we stand in the way of people expressing their opinions. So this is not going to happen again.”

So the Chief says it was wrong, but IA says nothing was wrong.

Which is it? Only the Shadow knows, I guess.

I wonder what the County Council, States Attorney’s Office, or anyone else in the County with the power to find out the true facts and not some Alice in Wonderland concoction plans to do.

I think I can answer that—NOTHNG!

What a shame.

And they wonder why people don’t trust the administration these days…

I’m listing these links to refresh your memory, just in case you forgot.

To read a copy of the IA letter click here.

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