Soaring with the Legal Eagles
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

March 5, 2015 10:45 pm ET

Dundalk community group retains legal counsel in Government Center fight

Source: Soaring with the Legal Eagles

As the saying goes, this one is going to go down to the wire.

On March 26, before a Baltimore County Administrative Law Judge, Dundalk will square off with the County in the latest (and last?) chapter in the long battle to save the Government Center. The GC today is a shell of its former self, as the building has moved some of its major tenants to different locations.

This “battle royal” pitted the Dundalk Community against the Kamenetz administration, which wants to sell the prime piece of real estate to raise funds that will offset the cost of adding air conditioning to more of the County schools.

As to that premise, a saying from the late comedy team of Laurel and Hardy comes to mind: “Well, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into.”

And a fine mess it is when you consider the legal quagmire this supposed money making government land sale has morphed into, folks. Despite what we’ve been told (or force fed), this mess is actually going to cost the taxpayers millions of dollars.

I guess it could be another long hot summer for some of our schools.

Dundalk United is now working under the umbrella of the Greater Dundalk Alliance, which is being led by President Carolyn Jones. The announcement that the group has obtained legal counsel came at the most recent GDA meeting according to Karen Cruz. Mrs. Cruz provided no further details on the arrangements, however, Bob Staab has made his feelings known numerous times on this site.

Ms. Jones of the GDA said the group is accepting applications for membership, which requires a $10 fee.

I would like to add that the $10 is money well spent in my opinion.

As for my two cents on the pending showdown that has been building for the past several years, there will be plenty of sparks flying at the March 26 hearing in Towson about this Government Center Project.

I have read the PUD law enough times to know that even calling this project a PUD is a stretch. The entire RFP has been changed, and I believe there are enough loop holes in the County’s procedures that one could catch a chill from the drafts stirred by the potential legal challenges that will be available to the DU/GDA attorney.

In other words, the County botched this one.

I also think that this once RFP-PUD process has now become another sole-source contract because none of the current guidelines involving the PUD process have been followed. The community is supposed to be informed throughout the process, but we instead have heard nothing. Not to mention that the RFP has been changed so many times that its own proverbial mother would not recognize it.

What is also perplexing is why the County is taking steps to move the police precinct by already renovating the Eastwood School. A sort of “cart before the horse” situation. How can they act like this is a done deal when there has been no ruling on the sale of the property by the administrative law judge?

This should be one heck of a hearing, which will say a lot about the County Government and how it operates, as well as the County’s integrity.

Needless to say, Perry Mason would have a field day with this one.

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