Sun Doesn’t Shine on Immigrant Crime Issue
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 2nd March 2017


Today’s editorial in the left-wing liberal Sun is just a tad cloudy.

How so, one may ask?  Well, if you are a victim of crime, chances are the perp is not a regular citizen, community leader, or member of the local church choir.  The odds are the perp is a repeat offender or someone who lives in the shadows.

What the Sun’s alt-left editorial board has done is condone crimes committed by immigrants and then associate it as nothing more than “hate speech cloaked in compassion.”

I say try telling that to the victims.

How soon the Sun’s Trump-bashing forgets, such as in the case of the horrible crime committed by an immigrant–a hit and run accident that killed an young boy in the most grisly of circumstances:

AP via WAVY TV ^ | Dec 2, 2006

Posted on 12/2/2006, 7:28:02 PM by jdm

TOWSON, Md. A Maryland woman is being held on two (m) million dollars’ bail after police say she rammed her pickup truck into a boy being pushed in a stroller.

Police say Lazara Arellano De Hogue dragged the child for three-quarters of a mile, killing him.

De Hogue is been charged with hit and run, and police say additional charges are pending.

Authorities say De Hogue slammed her Dodge Ram into three-year-old Elijah Cozart and his grandmother on a busy street in Towson Friday afternoon.

Police say the stroller became trapped in the undercarriage of the truck, but that De Hogue did not stop until the boy fell to the pavement on a side street closer to her apartment.

De Hogue has a bail review scheduled for Monday.

In addition to that, the NY Times reported the following:

“Like Ms. Valencia, an estimated 4.5 million illegal immigrants nationwide are driving regularly, most without licenses, according to an analysis by The New York Times. Only three states — New Mexico, Utah and Washington — currently issue licenses without proof of legal residence in the United States.”

Then we have a poll from Harvard that states, “The poll asks, do you believe cities that arrest illegal immigrants for crimes should be required to turn them over to immigration authorities? An astounding 80 percent say, yes.”

If you want to see how ludicrous the Sun Editorial Board is, then read this:

“Victims are victims, deserving such support whether the person who injured them (“criminal” justice) is of a different race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or, yes, whether they are from another country and overstayed their visa.”

Basically, the Sun wants to make you think it’s “hate speech” if the crime involves illegals, but does not have a problem pointing out African American crime, as shown in this quote, “On the streets, particularly in poor, black neighborhoods, residents are witnessing increasingly deadly tactics. More shooters are aiming for the head and firing multiple rounds into victims.”

How soon the alt-left forgets.

Maybe Mr. Andrew Green should keep his promises when he tells a reader three times that he will do something, but then does not do it.

He and his left-wing crew need to watch the following video and see the men who slaughtered thousands of U.S. Citizens, focusing on how they arrived here.



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