Sun Tries to Blind Public on Immigration Issue
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 10th March 2017



Yesterday’s front page of the Baltimore Sun featured the following headline:

After arrests, immigrants duck deeper into shadows

Amazing that–with all of the troubles facing the city, state and county, such as crime, budget deficits, and a dysfunctional city government–this is the best the Sun can conjure up for a font page story.

And I did not even mention the the various issues facing the nation that would have made for a better headline.

Let’s take a close look at the piece written by Sun reporters Luke Broadwater, Sarah Gantz, and Lorraine Mirabella.

The story describes the saga of Segundo Paucar, who (the Sun’s words, not mine) “was a pillar of Highlantown’s tight-knit Ecuadorian American community: a 31 year old married father of two who employed eight people in a small business that rehabbed about 50 properties in the city each year.”

The first thing that makes me shake my head is that the Sun required a translator to tell Mr. Paucar’s story through his brother, who spoke about Mr. Paucar’s arrest by ICE for reentering the U.S. after he was previously deported. The second thing that makes me shake my head is the Sun’s reference to a “tight-knit Ecuadorian American community …”

I take issue with (based on their  information) how this particular Ecuadorian community can be listed as “American” when the person arrested speaks no English and apparently does not possess a green card, which is a requirement for U.S. citizenship.

Also, how can the Sun come to the defense of someone who was arrested for reentry into the U.S. after deportation, which is illegal?

Speaking of reentry after deportation, here is another reason why this revolving door must be closed.  Take a look at this horrendous story on FOX news that sharply contrasts the Sun’s left-wing agenda.

The Sun then goes to great lengths to paint a rosy image of Mr. Pacuar’s business and his family. Let’s look at the business aspect first. Mr. Pacuar rehabs houses in the city and hires a small crew to do the work. Does he possess a valid Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC) license, which is a requirement to do such work? Does he have the proper insurance coverage, such as liability and workmen’s compensation?

I’m guessing probably not.

Who can one call if/when something goes wrong with the work of Mr. Pacuar’s company?  At this point, no one. MHIC does not provide any type of protection from unlicensed contractors. That is one of the major drawbacks about work performed by such people. There is no warranty or customer service. And it is illegal to perform this type of work without a license.

Also, if you purchase one of these homes, how would you communicate with Mr. Pacuar, who apparently does not speak English?

The bottom line is that Mr. Pacuar knew the dangers of reentry after being deported, yet he chose to come back into the U.S. illegally.

Another lame argument from the left about sanctuary cities is that our nation needs to provide illegals with a save haven so that they they will cooperate with law enforcement regarding various acts of criminal activity. This is a false narrative, as many illegals distrust the police due to the rampant corruption of law enforcement in their home countries.

On top of that is the argument that needs to be made–despite his “hero status” in the press, President Obama actually deported more illegals than any other president (among other deeds). However, to be fair, included in those figures are the “catch and release” program instituted by the Obama administration.  This program required the U.S. border officers to catch, release, and provide a bus ticket to anywhere an illegal wanted to go in the U.S.

As far as the impact on crime here is an interesting report you won’t read in the  Sun.

The argument of the left is generally that illegals are causing no problems and providing low-cost labor or services.

What the leftists forget is that the cost to the taxpayers of this state is $1.9 billion for the 250,000 illegals here in MD.

I’m quite sure that most taxpayers don’t want to deal with this problem, which is quickly engulfing other areas of the country. Have you heard of the name of MS 13?  You won’t read any of that in the liberal Sun.

There used to be an overwhelming sense of patriotism in this nation, especially after 9/11. That is all forgotten now. Maybe everyone should take some time to watch this riveting History Channel documentary titled The 911 Tapes: Chaos in the Sky.

Photo and Video credits: The History Channel and Life in the Know

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