Suspect Charged, Family Closer to Closure
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

December 18, 2015 3:22 pm ET

Shelly Fillion’s alleged murderer to face his day in court

Source: Suspect Charged, Family Closer to Closure

Terrence Jenkins/Photo credit Facebook

In a follow up to my previous blog, I received a call indicating that the suspect in the death of Shelly Fillion has been charged with first degree murder.

I checked on the MD Judiciary case search and verified the charge against Mr. Terrence Jenkins. I then contacted the Baltimore County Police, who verified the information to be correct.

The media has also jumped on the story, which I broke early this morning:

Mr. Harry Fillion had contacted me with the information he received from a relative regarding the charge, which they found utilizing the case search.

Mr. Fillion said that, regardless of one’s standing in life, every life matters, and nobody has the right to take away a life.

“The family is relieved that he has be caught and charged,” Mr. Fillion said.

What he went on to say will touch every crime victim’s soul, as it was very profound.

Mr. Fillion said that Mr. Jenkins’ life goes on, but his family doesn’t have that. “The goodbyes and I love yous. That part of us ends. Now we have to grieve. My son’s mother will never get to see her son grow up.”

Mr. Fillion related the Biblical text of “dust to dust, ashes to ashes.”

“All we have now are the ashes.” Harry said. He went on to say how one life, especially that of a loved one, touches so many others, and how devastating that loss is to everyone who was touched by the life of Shelly Fillion.

A special thanks to the Baltimore County Police Homicide Unit, the best in the world—I can tell the hard working people of that unit personally that Shelly Fillion’s family thanks you for your efforts from the bottoms of their hearts.

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