‘Tale of the tape’ — Which candidate is really ‘all there?’
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 12th October 2020
A week out of the hospital, President Donald Trump looks and sounds strong on the campaign trail. Meanwhile, “Barely There” Joe Biden can’t remember names … or the fact that he’s running for president. (Photo Credit: FOX News)

As the old Sesame Street bit goes, “One of these things is not like the other…”

We’re 23 days from the election, and the candidates are in the home stretch.

One of them is giving his all, while the other doesn’t seem to have much to give.

Tonight, President Donald Trump—just one week removed from his COVID-19 Coronavirus hospitalization—stood in the Florida heat and spoke strongly about why he should get our votes.

Meanwhile, “Barely There” Joe Biden continued to show signs of serious cognitive impairment when he both forgot the name of the candidate who opposed former President Obama and forgot that he’s actually running for president.

And, to make matters worse, that wasn’t the first time Biden forgot that he was running for president.

Folks, we’ve said it before, and we’ll keep saying it. Anyone who casts a vote for Barely There Biden is casting a vote for Kamala Harris. She and the Democratic Party are just using the former VP as a ‘Trojan horse’ to get Senator Harris into the highest office in the nation.

Remember that before you cast—or throw away—your vote in 23 days.

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