$tanding by his donor$: Crandell refuses to denounce vigilante rhetoric
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 11th May 2018


As long as this rhetoric continues to be used, so will this photograph. (Photo credit/Facebook)


(Note: The Baltimore Post wishes to express our sincere condolences to the Kamenetz family regarding the loss of their beloved husband and father, Kevin Kamenetz.)


Folks we couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried, but we don’t have to.

We will continue to monitor the situation until something is done to stop this vigilantism type of rhetoric, as these comments are completely out of the norm. What is surprising about this issue is that your councilman, Todd Crandell, seems to be oblivious to the situation, which produces an oxymoron for the community group leader and some of his supporters.

Our Councilman, Todd Crandell (2nd from left), is still joined at the hip with Mr. Cliff O’Connell. (Photo credit/Facebook)


Things seem to be escalating .

Denise Reichert Bayne Omg I didn’t know that said that lol yeah that will keep them out

Cliff OConnell Denise Reichert Bayne keep your gun sights on him ?



Below comes the machine guns 0n bikes as you read on.

The below statement from the leader of the CORE Group implores people to be civil toward government officials:

Please refrain from posting comments disparaging any of our elected officials. We ask that you save those posts for your own personal pages.

Community Engagement is Key

“My neighbors and I in the Middlesex community are extremely pleased with the results and we appreciate the focused attention and follow-up maintenance we’ve received from the County,” said Clifford O’Connell, President of the Middlesex Community Association and leader of the Core Group, an umbrella group of some 15 to 20 community groups in the Essex, Middle River and Dundalk areas.

The below message was sent to the Post over a water outage in Dundalk.

“There are 2 posts on a Facebook page you need to read, although they are long. Ron Metzgar displays awful behavior in the posts, calling people “dumbass” and saying “oh well” to those who have been without water for 5 days.”

Permanent announcement
 TheCoreGroup tries to stay focused on issues that affect our Communities. Rats, trash, vacant homes, unregistered rental properties, holding businesses accountable, etc.
We understand that you may have frustrations regarding elected officials’ decisions. No one can make everyone happy. TheCoreGroup has been successful because we like and respect the job they have to do under trying circumstances and we have made alot of friends on both sides of the aisle. We try to keep this page bi-partisan and a-political as we work with, and respect all elected officials.  While we love to see your pictures and we read your posts and encourage everyone to participate, please refrain from posting comments disparaging any of our elected officials. We ask that you save those posts for your own personal pages.  Thank you all for your understanding and participation and let’s work together to make our Communities the best they can be.


Cliff OConnell shared a post.
3 hrs

When will they admit crime is out of control in our communities? When will they admit we need more police officers? When will they admit the very small number of drug detectives in eastern Baltimore County is not enough. When will they admit what they call ” LOW PRIORITY CRIMES” are destroying our communities. When will they admit my idea of a motorcycle club or some type of a vigilante force patrolling our communities is the only choice they leave us.
MAN SHOT| Baltimore County Police say that they are investigating a shooting that happened in Essex, on Saturday afternoon.
BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. — WBFF — Baltimore County Police say that they are investigating a shooting that happened in Essex, on Saturday afternoon.Officers reportedly responded to a call for a shooting in the Essex area, just before 3:00 p.m. Investigators…


Lynne Hartnett MitchellLynne and 2 others manage the membership, moderators, settings, and posts for R.A.T.S -RADICAL ATTACK TO TERMINATE RATS IN S.E. BALTO CO.-TheCoreGroup. Jacki Auburn, most communities already have community watch programs, but the most they can do is call 911. We also have outreach officers and now each outreach officer has 6 neighborhoods each in the Dundalk area. It would be nice if Police could go back to Community policing like it used to be years ago, where police were engaged in the community. Knew all the residents, knew and patrolled problem areas, let the problem teens know they are being watched…perfect example of that would be why does Cliff know what is going on in Middlesex, Essex, Sussex, Mace Ave and Eastern ave corridor and the police tasked with patrolling these same areas every day for 8 hrs each shift and apparently don’t? That makes no sense to me. Outreach Officers only work day shift, there’s no outreach available in the evening or at night. Outreach Officers are pulled on many occasions to cover as school security and due to drug epidemic there are many more heroin houses and dealers and we don’t have the narcotics officers to sit on these houses when citizens on patrol call problems in. Police in this District appear to be severely under staffed.

Cliff OConnell Lynne Hartnett Mitchell when’s the last time you seen an officer on a bike. Where’s the bike patrols ? Maybe we need to ride bikes with machine guns mounted to handlebars. We can call it COBWM . Citizens On Bikes With Machine Guns .

Notice that one member of the CORE group implores members to refrain from criticizing elected officials. Which officials are they referring to? What is also perplexing is this issue has arisen before, as reported by the Post. What is even more troubling is that Councilman Todd Crandell continues to accept the support of this group, as well as their campaign contributions.

Despite the outrageous rhetoric from Mr. O’Connell, Councilman Crandell continues to stand by this man … and his money.

This statement goes well beyond the norm, yet nothing is being done to address this issue:

Maybe we need to ride bikes with machine guns mounted to handlebars. We can call it COBWM . Citizens On Bikes With Machine Guns.

We believe this type of behavior is well beyond the frustration that members of a civilized community would be experiencing. It is one thing to feel grieved over lack of progress in dealing with crime in one’s community, but it is quite another to express it like what was said above.

The comments below indicate how this group responds to another particular incident:

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Photo Credit: Facebook.com


Photo Credit: Facebook.com



Photo Credit: Facebook.com


In the end, as the saying goes, “If you see something, say something.”

We just did. Let’s just hope someone in authority is listening.

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