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Posted by Buzz Beeler on 19th January 2017

June 1, 2014 9:13 am ET

Senior citizen claims “O Team” has ruined our county

Source: Team “O” Heave Ho

There is an old saying that goes, “If you can’t walk the walk, don’t talk the talk!”

Some people needed to be reminded, especially by those who have heard the talk but have not seen the walk. With that being said, I’ll cut to the chase and say that a particular senior citizen had heard and seen enough of the current “chosen ones” to say, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

I’ll be a little more specific in the account that was related to me.

Mr. John Olszewski Jr., along with Mr. Ed Crizer of the “O” Team, were out doing some door knocking, asking for votes. One would guess that they knocked on the wrong door in this case.

They were greeted by a senior citizen—one who was none-too-happy about the current state of affairs in the county. Thus, said senior citizen decided to give the “O” Teamthe business, so to speak.

Now, I must say that this senior citizen was well-informed and even aware of the Sun’s feature, where the headline screamed:

Kamenetz slate transfers $90,000 to committee for retiring Dundalk councilman

Now anyone can figure out, or at least question, why the county executive would transfer $90 grand to a retiring councilman.

My answer is, “To buy some damn votes, why do you think???”

The Sun’s giant killer and truthsayer, Alison Knezevich, uncovered this little action by the County Executive, so kudos to her.

Now, being one who follows county politics rather closely, I would deduce—based on 39 years of police service and training—that the east side democratic machine is in need of some major repairs after several collisions have dented and disabled the formerly well-oiled machine, which now requires some major repairs.

Let’s take a close look at some of those massive pileups.

·         Dundalk has lost the majority of its major employers, e.g., General Motors, G&E, and Beth Steel, among others. Unfortunately, the DRC’s plans for revitalizing the job market included big box retail stores, so that plan falls short. Those stores don’t pay living wages.

·         Crime is on the increase, as reported in my blog on John Ayers stepping down at the NHCA. “Another interesting aspect is the persistent problems impacting the DRC’s own backyard in dealing with the homeless, as well as the problems associated with that plight. According to police reports, this dire issue has been going on for years and has a negative impact on businesses in the historic section of Dundalk. And, with the millions of dollars funneled their way from government grants, one would think that issue would be a priority—especially since it’s in our faces, so to speak.”

·         As reported in my last blog, police are now a common presence in our local grocery store and Walmart due to a severe theft problem. (If you grew up in the area, when was the last time you saw this?)

·         Food stamps have risen over 500% (according to the county) and, according to a speech made by Mr. Kamenetz, the SS budget has been greatly increased.

·         The constant chant of “We have a AAA bond rating” isn’t cutting it anymore. In plain English (for those who still speak it), the translation of that mantra is more debt as the county continues to spend, spend, spend.

·         The most title one schools in the county.

·         The poorest district in the county.

I could go on, but that is a start.  No, on second thought I will go on.

Mr. Olszewski Jr. supports the demise of the government center and is a fan of the Fort Howard Project.  You know, the one that’s supposedly for the vets but in reality is not.  Now that is a whole other story.  Sound familiar?  Just ask former VA Secretary Eric Shinseki. 

And if you don’t believe the former secretary (notice I said former) just ask Congressman Ruppersberger.  He’s involved up to his neck.

Anyone want to guess where that money from Mr. Kamenetz will go? My guess is in the campaign coffers of current Democrats in trouble or the one who is John Olszewski Sr.’s handpicked successor—and who does not like questions, at least from me.

By the way, since Mr. Yateman was kind enough to send me a campaign flyer, I will ask him for an interview … live!  No time for doodling or Googling. If one is not prepared, a live interview will tell the tale.

To be fair, anyone wishing to engage in such a Q & A is welcome to contact me or leave a comment.

I guess it was a good thing the porch had steps to lessen the impact of the fall.

Now I’ll sit back and wait for the trolls to make my phone ring…

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