Team “O” No Show at Candidate Forum. Olszewski Jr.’s team is AWOL
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 19th January 2017

May 19, 2014 9:41 pm ET

Candidates note Olszewski’s absence; audience replies with loud applause and barbs

Source: Team “O” No Show at Candidate Forum. Olszewski Jr.’s team is AWOL

I was running late. I hate to run late, but sometimes these things can’t be avoided. Then, once I arrived, I stopped and thought to myself, “Maybe I missed something?” After all, there was a fairly noticeable absence at the Candidate Forum.

Not that anyone else noticed. (Sarcasm intended)

When I walked into the event, Democratic Candidate for Delegate Jake Mohorovic was asking people in the audience if anyone saw a member of the “O” Team. When the crowd shouted back (with some notable syllables attached) as they panned the room for a sign of “the anointed one”—John Olszewski, Jr.—Jake took them to task.

And now you might better understand the title of this blog.

From my perspective, Mr. Olszewski’s absence was an obvious snub to the audience and to the community. At the very least, a spokesperson for the Delegate should have attended and made a statement on his behalf. Then again, maybe they feel that by wallpapering the district with campaign literature supersedes the need for presence at a candidate forum … or an explanation.

I will say that, on a brochure that I received, I saw a couple of names that are running for the state central committee that should be given some consideration, but I’ll save those renderings for another blog.

Now, back on topic. As you can see by the photos I have posted with this blog, there are too many candidates to summarize their time on the stage. Safe to say that they all pontificated about solving the problems of the district.

Let me summarize the three minutes each candidate was given:

Hi, I am [insert name]. Please vote for me.” (End)

It took a little more time than that to put the puzzle of earth together, and it still is some missing pieces.

I will say that the three minutes allotted each candidate barely gave them enough time to utter anything much less their name.

My approach to covering the candidate event will take a different spin—I will focus on the qualities that go beyond the same basic rhetoric and feature the people behind the crafted political renderings. I prefer to look at how the candidates react to the pressure of addressing the audience—their poise and command of the language, as well as and how they present themselves to the audience.

The key word here is “poise.” Public speaking can be terrifying; however, therein lies the effectiveness in a candidate’s ability to effect change in Annapolis—the big leagues of politics.

Let’s take a look at the candidates running for a nod in the primary. But before spouting off about some of these issues, I must give credit to the Eagle reporter and blogger Ben Boehl, who’s Benstorming is a must read for political connoisseurs. His knowledge of the local political landscape is second to none.

Now, let’s get back to the council candidates. As I stated, I will only focus on those who I think will have a strong chance of wrapping up the Democratic nod. I will digress for a moment about those in my humble opinion that have an uphill battle.

Council Candidates:

Buddy Staigerwald will get the nod on the Democratic side. He demonstrated a strong presence (and, I must say, he was properly dressed) with a command of the facts. His booming voice the echoed authority. In politics, stage persona is just as important as knowing your “A, B, Cs.”

Todd Crandell, the Republican candidate, is running unopposed, but that is not a reason to let one’s guard down. I think Todd must remember that this is a Democratic town and, with a low voter turnout expected, Todd can’t wait much longer before hitting the road with his message.

(Blogger’s note: The sad part is that many voters will vote along their respective party line like robots. But momentum, once it gets rolling, is hard to stop. Todd has to convert a predominantly democratic stronghold into making an about face into the Republican fold. That is no easy task.)

Brian Weir is what I would refer to as a “Blue Dog.” In other words, he is more conservative than the ones that freely dispose us of our money to stay in the seat of power. Brain has fought for the Government Center. He is not afraid to speak up, and he did so at the GC meeting held by Vanguard at the DHS. Brian has a command of the facts and may be one to watch, although I think the ever-constant demands for his time are taking that same precious quality from his family, which can be trying for a candidate.

The “Others”

Other council candidates include Democrats Scott Holupka, Joe DiCara, and the “Mr. Olszewski Sr. backed” Ron Yeatman, who was also a no show. (Blogger’s note: Shocking—imagine that!)

In my assessment, folks, I want you to remember what I wrote in a previous blog about “the fight of the century.” Except this fight will not be on Pay-Per-View, but rather will take place in that tiny space where Democracy is most evident—the polling booth!

In part two, we’ll take a look at the Delegate candidates, of whom there are many called but—as the saying goes—few are chosen.

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