The Baltimore Sun attempts to use race bait for click bait in officer’s death
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 26th May 2018
The real victim: Baltimore County Police Officer Amy Caprio (Photo Credit:

Once again, the Baltimore Sun failed in its latest attempt to use race bait for click bait in its coverage of the first ever female Baltimore County Police Department officer to die in the line of duty.

Officer Amy S. Caprio, a four-year veteran of the department, was killed while responding to a burglary call in the Perry Hall section of Baltimore County. Police reported that the home showed evidence of a possible burglary.

In breaking the original story, the Baltimore Post was receiving information from a source who was monitoring police calls directly related to this horrific and egregious crime.

Now let’s take a look at the story the Sun article written by Jean Marbella.

The race baiting starts right at the beginning with the title: Baltimore County police officer’s death ignites a racial firestorm. Remember when the Sun covered the Freddie Gray story in the same inflammatory way by using the same race baiting technique?

Take a look at this quote from a Sun editorial:

He was treated badly, and he wound up dead, and surely someone must be responsible, right?

Here is another interesting quote from the same editorial regarding the death of Mr. Gray:

After months of being forced by a judicial gag order to hold her tongue, Ms. Mosby came out swinging in a news conference this morning, accusing some members of the police department of effectively sabotaging the investigation into the officers involved in Gray’s death.

Now, in retrospect, take a look at Ms. Marbella’s article and you will clearly see some of the same inflammatory issues raised by the Sun.

What was especially egregious in Ms. Marbella’s rather crass article was Officer Caprio’s name was not mentioned until the 11th paragraph of the story.

It doesn’t take long for Marbella to get right to the point of inflaming the racial overtones of this horrific crime, as this quote personifies:

“I hope all you whites have the same level outrage next time one of your youths decide to shoot up a school of innocent children,” another wrote. “Y’all are a disgusting group of devils.”

The Post will not quote anymore of Ms. Marbella’s article because of the nature of her narrative was so beyond the pale in stoking the fires of racial divide.

In comparison, WJZ-TV, which partners with The Baltimore Sun, did not play the race card with its riveting coverage of Officer Caprio’s funeral.

In almost every comment pertaining to Ms. Marbella’s article, readers questioned the over-the-top racial overtones that we are quite sure the defense attorneys representing the accused will use to their advantage. In fact, it was reported today that one lawyer was receiving death threats involving his defense of the teenager accused of Officer Caprio’s murder.

In our final analysis of the Sun’s coverage of this crime, we believe the “race baiting for click baiting” will have an outcome opposite of the paper’s coverage of the Freddy Gray story.

Our motto at The Baltimore Post will always be, “You read; you decide.”

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