The DiCara Saga Continues
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 19th January 2017

September 22, 2014 8:11 pm ET

Anonymous letter states that candidate was terminated from county position for conflict of interest.

Source: The DiCara Saga Continues

Before I begin this edition of “Mr. DiCara’s latest ethical problems (and outright lies),” I strongly suggest you look at these videos regarding a Wal-Mart executive who resigned after facing allegations of falsifying his resume.

It just goes to show you that even Wal-Mart will not tolerate this type of action.

Now, on to today’s topic. This latest information was sent to me in a nondescript envelope using the name “Charles Beeler.” For the record, I have not been referred to by that name for many years.

The document is taken from the Baltimore Sun’s archives. (Go to page 4 of my downloads at You are welcome to search the archives and read the story yourself before passing judgment. However, to me, this is another look at the ongoing pattern of unethical conduct displayed by a man running for public office.

According to the article, the firing in question occurred in 1992 while Mr. DiCara was working for the Baltimore County Economic Division. The reason for the dismissal was a “conflict of interest.”

What is disgusting to me is the smiling faces of other Democrats who have chosen to ignore the issue of integrity that is paramount to being an elected official. What does that say about them?

Let see now … as I flip through recent photos, I see Council Chair Cathy Bevins, who seems to hold her political opponents to a high standard of conduct as displayed in the primary. Also, I see Councilwoman Vickie Almond; Mr. DiCara’s biggest supporter John Olszewski Jr. (who should know better); former Democratic candidates Buddy Staigerwald and Scott Holupka; and another man running for office who can’t seem to tell the truth, Jake Mohorovic.

Why are the Democrats smiling when, under their leadership, Dundalk has one of the highest rates for crime, unemployment, public assistance, and complaints of rat infestation in the county? To me, these figures are nothing to smile about, folks.

One particular picture that infuriated me showed Mr. DiCara speaking with a uniformed U.S. military person in the scene. If that military person only knew that our wounded warriors will not qualify for the Fort Howard project, which was another lie that Mr. DiCara tried to push on me.

By the way, for those who live on the North Point Peninsula, I would say that you can count on Mr. DiCara to support the Fort Howard issue; in fact, he may be the councilman who will write the PUD, if he is elected.

(More on that is available in my upcoming video interview of the Congressman rendering his opinions on that matter. Again, you be the judge on that one.)

As always, I sent an e-mail to Mr. DiCara for a response about the 1992 dismissal. To be fair, I am just trying to allow him to give us his side of the story.

However, once again, his side of the story sounds a lot like silence. Mum is the word, as I received no response.

So, where does that leave our political future? Trust me when I say that the future does not count on the number of smiling photo-ops with a man who should not be running for office based on his character. The sad part is that none of those smiling faces seem to know or care about who is in the photo with them.

David Zurawik, film critic for the Sun, said in a review that CBS’ ‘Madam Secretary’ “is full of more political lies.” In fact, one of his quotes rings especially true to the basis of this blog:

“What we need is someone on network TV to create an honest and stirring drama that calls such politicians out for their betrayal and maybe, just maybe, shakes us out of our political malaise.”

To that I shout AMEN!

As a parting note, I will have more on Olszewski Jr. tomorrow regarding his bid to hold a debate with Scott Collier and Johnny Ray Sailing, as reported by the Eagle’s Ben Bohl. The story will deal with the motive for what I believe is a stunt.

Stay tuned…

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