The Eagle Lays an Egg
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 19th January 2017

October 5, 2014 9:41 am ET

Article misses the mark regarding “fairness” and “balance”

Source: The Eagle Lays an Egg

I have said this time and again: if you come after me, make sure your ducks are in a row.

But, on this issue, as the headline suggests, the Dundalk Eagle laid an egg!

I must say that the article written by Eagle reporter Ben Boehl was “interesting,” especially the parts that seem to be ruffling the feathers of the Dems.

Often times, those responding to my blog posts make some sort of faux paus that only highlights what I had to say in the first place. I believe this is one of those times.

Now let’s get down to the words of Ben’s article and show the truth that has come forward because of it.

Ben’s starts off with more news on Mr. Crandell’s tax problems. As I reported in my blog, he had tax problems and is addressing them. End of story.


Wrong, or so Ben will have you believe.

“There may be more to Republican County Council Candidate Todd Crandell’s tax issues that what he revealed to a blogger last week, according to documents obtained by The Eagle.”

In this paragraph Mr. Crandell answers the question that was supposed to be ground breaking news with the following statement:

“The dispute was over tax year 2003, but the dispute went to judgment in 2008, when I had a period of financial difficulty and had to make payment arrangements,” Crandell said.

The bottom line to this “additional information” by the Eagle is that Mr. Crandell stepped forward and wrote me about his tax problem, and it is being addressed.

And, for the record, Mr. Crandell did not blame his webmaster. But I digress on that.

As I said, Mr. Crandell stepped forward. I want you to focus on those words, because that is something that Mr. DiCara did not do.

I must say, I love this quote: “One member of the Democratic Party wants to know why Crandell decided to share this information now and not a year ago when he decided to run for county council…”

My response to that one member (guess who) would be why didn’t you reveal you were fired from your county job for a conflict of interest before you decided to run for county council. Now, who on God’s green earth do we think that Democrat may be? Well, as they say in the South, “Shut my mouth!” The Dem in question is Mr. Joe DiCara, the ultimate provider of truth … depending on who’s asking for the truth or what your definition of truth is.

I really have to wonder why Ben would ask Mr. Crandell’s opponent for an “unbiased response” when anyone can guess that is not what we are going to get.

Why not interview the fox about what happened at the hen house?

I find it really interesting how chatty Mr. DiCara gets when the questions don’t include full disclosure.

Speaking of those questions let’s take a look at them with an objective eye for the truth. Number one on the hit list is this one (except Mr. DiCara forgot what he said during the debate):

“Crandell’s Democratic opponent Joe DiCara said he questions how Crandell can handle ‘our hard-earned tax dollars’ if he cannot keep his own financial house in order”.

Was this statement really issued by the candidate who could not find information about the budget issue regarding the county’s surplus? And folks, those were HIS words, not mine.

The simple solution is that one has to read the budget to find the information, but I again digress.

Here is another quote that knocks my flip-flops off: “‘We also hold our county employees, particularly those in a position of public trust, to a higher standard. Mr. Crandell’s legal troubles would disqualify him from holding of those positions, yet he aspires to vote on legislation that governs those very employees,” DiCara said in a statement.

Does anyone remember the name Timothy Geithner? If not, I’ll help refresh that memory—he was just President Obama’s Secretary of the Treasury. Why is that important? Well he was nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate even though he owed $35,000 in back taxes.

Anyone getting my point?

Also, did anyone else notice Ben’s follow up questions allowing for Mr. DiCara’s pontification on values? I did. There weren’t any.

Speaking of values, I guess that Mr. DiCara forgot his egregious lie to me on the issues of Fort Howard and our wounded warriors, his being fired from a county job for a conflict of interest, and his master’s degree.

Speaking of the latter, I also love this quote from the Eagle on that issue:

“I do not nor did I ever claim to have a master’s degree,” DiCara responded.
He acknowledged that he gave his information and résumé to a copywriter who placed it on his website, but that he made a mistake by not checking up on the website.
“It was an oversight on my part and it was removed. I take full responsibility for my mistake,” DiCara told The Eagle.

So, if that truly is/was the case, then why did Mr. DiCara mention it at one of the Candidate Forums, which I attended, at the Back River Community Association?

How can you “take full responsibility” yet blame it on the website guy?

Also regarding that issue, the Sun ran an interesting poll on that same topic and here are the results to the question of: ”Would you vote for a candidate after he lied about his education credentials?

Yes – 15%

No 79%

Not sure 6%

In summation (gee, I feel all lawyer-like), I would like to ask Ben why he didn’t follow up with questions to Mr. DiCara’s “the pot calling the kettle black” answers and challenge Mr. DiCara’s responses?

I guess he was too busy throwing Mr. DiCara a life raft.

In closing, the Eagle had always been fair to me in the past, but I think Ben’s article was just a tad over the top in this instance. Let me say again, when I write a blog, I let the facts do the talking rather than letting the opposition do the talking (and get in cheap shots). In my way of doing things, the answers I get are are the facts, rather than opinions.

Because once that happens, there goes objectiveness out the window and Ben should know better.

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