The “No-Show” Show
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

June 6, 2015 8:33 pm ET

Fort Howard developer Munshell misses North Point Community meeting

Source: The “No-Show” Show

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During the June 4 meeting of the North Point Council, North Point Peninsula Community Coordinating Council President Harry Wujek and 7th District Councilman Todd Crandell hoped to have Mr. Tim Munshell, the proposed developer for the old Fort Howard Hospital, in attendance. The topic of discussion, it would seem, would be Mr. Munshell’s $500 million dream development of a metropolis for the property.

As the night began, large numbers of people began to fill the library at the Edgemere Elementary School. Just about every East Side politician was also present, anticipating the arrival of the elusive Mr. Munshell. As the meeting began promptly at 6:30 pm, one key component was missing.

I would ask you to guess what, or who, was missing, but that might insult your intelligence.

I had a feeling all along that Mr. Munshell, AKA “the Joker of Gotham City,” would not come out that night. After all, he would be meeting with a crowd that would sooner tear down the façade of his dark and mysterious city of Gotham than greet “the Joker” with a good handshake. The citizens of the North Point Peninsula keeps seeing the deck stacked against them through this process.

The count was an ominous one for Mr. Munshell as the people voted. It was 0 in support of “Gotham” and more than 40 for “Batman” to stop the city of doom for the peninsula.

It seems that Mr. Munshell is feeling the heat from the recent fires at the historic Fort Howard site, which he is responsible to protect. For him to show up at this community meeting would be akin to the old saying of jumping from a frying pan into the fire (pun intended).

Apparently the heat has forced Mr. Munshell into hiding, as it has become easier to talk to the President than the elusive developer.

Along with that, there was some controversy over statements from Councilman Todd Crandell as recorded by Dundalk TV’s Scott Collier, in which I took issue with what Mr. Crandell said: He said; 1) he would not support such a project; 2) the developer would need the Councilman’s support in the form of a PUD to proceed; and 3) Mr. Crandell’s word would be final. The Councilman also admits that he has missed several meetings with the developer and the VA. How on earth can he claim to wave the flag for the vets and yet not show for these important meetings? Go figure!

My response was if the Councilman remembered the same circumstances involving the Thistle Landing PUD, where Councilman Tom Quirk vetoed the project. In a perfect example of our political dealings, then-Councilman John Olszewski, Sr. got involved and revised the issue by stating that the Council had not given the PUD enough consideration. After that, the PUD was revived and, despite the community and Councilman Quirk being against the project, the Thistle Landing PUD passed.

Mr. Crandell responded that Mr. Olszewski was not in office anymore which is true but it does not change the revival of a dead PUD which was passed by the council over the objections of the community and Councilman Quirk.

I question Mr. Crandell’s non grada fighting spirit and rhetoric in the battle to save the NPGC, which also claimed one of the county’s better elementary schools and the community’s ball field as victims. Where was he when the diamond was turned to stone and gravel.

A bustling police station in the middle of Mayberry Dundalk? You ain’t heard nothing yet, folks. Mr. Crandell missed that battle also.

It was very strange for Mr. Munshell not to show up at the meeting with his partner, who is a whole other story himself. It seems that Mr. Carl Williams has some of his own issues to deal with, and none of them good.

My best guess is that Mr. Munshell is facing a lack of funding, as evidenced when he tried to borrow $10 million from the local AFL-CIO (he was turned down, by the way). That was one of the many articles I wrote on this saga—a saga that I believe is tainted with some illegalities on the VA’s part.

You’ll may recall that when Mr. Eric Shenski was canned by President Obama, there was a scathing GAO report on the dealings of the VA with developers.

Another interesting tidbit is that the law firm of Gildea, Schmidt and Smith no longer represents Mr. Munshell. Not a good sign.

In the meantime, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens to this pile of propaganda. Will the Joker build a Gotham City in one of the better open spaces in the county?

Only time will tell, but I say that it would be a travesty if that happened.

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