The “P-U” of PC
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

May 20, 2016 8:16 pm ET

Truth finally comes to the surface regarding Colgate Elementary School

Source: The “P-U” of PC

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Months ago, after receiving a tip on the PC police running amok at Colgate Elementary School, I tried in vain to verify the tip. I called the school and as always heard the “standard” response—the principal was on another line, out to lunch, performing surgery…you get the gist.

After a while of searching, more of the same issues popped up, and I was off to the races yet again.

Before I go much further, I’m sure that BCPS board member Marisol Johnson will call this column/blog more “hate speech.” However, it is—in fact—the truth, which is something that liberals can’t stand.

Let me clarify that last statement just a tad. When Ms. Johnson publicly blasted anyone who would take issue with Dr. Dance’s agenda (under the guise of the BCPS mandate), she choose to do it in a public forum—a public meeting that allowed for a video of her diatribe.

Before I move on the crux of this diatribe, for which I will not hide under a rug, let me provide an update on the issue with Ms. Johnson.

I sent Ms. Johnson an email and offered her an opportunity to defend her remarks on my blog, which would make the issue, as they say, “Even Steven. ­ Or, if you’re a sports fan, a level playing field.

I received NO RESPONSE!

Imagine that…

Now, back to the news.

I’m going back into referencing my meeting with the concerned parent, as this link so gracefully illustrates—minus the love connection—although I loved the opportunity to set the record straight after months of seeking the truth.

I was in a store the other day and overheard a conversation involving some people about the conditions of BCPS. During that conversation, one of the parents said something that struck a chord regarding the PC-ness of the principal and the students not being held accountable at Colgate.

I knew at that instant that the parent was the person that my source told me to contact. I did attempt contact to no avail, and the source cited fear and retaliation as one of the reasons the parent chose to remain silent.

After I assured the parent that I would protect his/her identity, the words—and the reality of the situation—came flowing forward.

Speaking of reality, here is a tape from a recent BCPS board meeting in which that dose of reality was brought forward in public testimony. Some of you may remember this testimony from a recent blog on BCPS:

I have more clips, but I’m sure you get the drift.

Once the flood gates opened, the parent spoke the truth of a school run by a left-wing principal who would not allow the use of terms like Merry Christmas (which, by law, is a secular holiday and mandated by the state) to be used.

Terms like “happy fall” instead of Halloween or “spring break” for Easter were enforced by the school’s administration.

The parent went on to tell me that there was no disciplinewithin the school.

Speaking of discipline, and one of the schools synonymous with the Hands Off, Don’t Touch movement, I talked to another parent today who told me of a bus driver who is harassed on a regular basis by a student on the bus carrying children from General John Sticker. Apparently, this student regularly uses the “F word” at authority figures and then challenges them to do something about it.

I will leave the “hate speech” behind as I say, “What a fine, upstanding young person!” (Yes, my tongue is planted firmly in my cheek, folks.)

The source of that information is a highly respected community leader, so it seems very credible to me. To that end, I’m trying to make contact with the driver to confirm that story, along with (I’m quite sure) others.

Regarding that issue, I will be publishing an in-depth study by a young writer I met at the BCPS Board meeting who wrote a detailed account of this particular issue.

I have written about this type of issue on our buses, including this article on school bus violence:

Prior to this article, I made several attempts to reach out to school authorities at Colgate and received the same response as I always do—what I call the Pinball Wizard program or the “Dance two step”—getting bounced from one BCPS person to the next, never getting anywhere close to uncovering the truth.

One day, and I truly believe that day is approaching quickly, the PC police—who are destroying our culture, our language, and identity as a United nation—will go the way of the Dodo Bird, and the stars and stripes will actually stand for something other than declaring which restroom you feel like using on a particular day.

Can you imagine the outcry from the Obama family if a male student from Harvard decided to use the ladies’ locker room to take a shower and expose his feminine side to the older Obama daughter? How do you think she will feel if she were to find out that not all of the male student’s parts agree with that decision?

How long do you think it would take the Obama administration to say, “What the hell were we thinking?”

Of course, this would be after dad gave the dean an earful about exposing his daughter to such nonsense.

Our PC culture is stinking up the place, and someone needs to come air everything out and provide a breath of fresh air. Here’s hoping that someone comes along soon.

Say November?

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