The Post Investigates: Councilman Crandell – “Show me the money?”
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 1st September 2018
Councilman Todd Crandell is more “insensitive” than the above incident implies. (Photo credit/The Baltimore Post)

These days it seems like journalism has become similar to the famous line in the movie, Forrest Gump: You just never know what you’re going to get until you read your emails.

Although this information did not come in the form of a box of chocolates, it did reveal some interesting facts. This particular fact falls back on the – old saying – that actions speak louder than words.

Although this particular problem is not one of Councilman Crandell’s issue of paying his taxes, which is mandated by law, this matter deals with a promise, or in this case propaganda, which can be found in this quote from a Baltimore Sun.  The article dealt with the Baltimore County Council who approved raises not only for themselves but also, at the time, the late County Executive Kevin Kamenetz.

Based on the following quote related to the amount of money as it pertains to the raises, it would appear that Councilman Crandell needs some financial counseling when it comes time to not only paying the tax man but also certain promises to his constituents. With that in mind let’s take a look at Mr. Crandell’s statement involving a commitment to his district:

The move has already drawn criticism from one candidate for County Council. Republican Todd Crandell, who is running to represent the district that includes Dundalk, issued a statement saying that, if he’s elected, he would donate the raise to local youth organizations. He called the raises “insensitive,” given the economic struggles many residents are facing.

Some people will do anything to get elected and there is a keyword in the above quote that would summarize some recent issues involving Councilman Crandell. The first word that comes to mind in the above quote is directly from the Councilman’s own use of the word, “insensitive.”

Before we begin to describe the issues surrounding Councilman Todd Crandell’s issues pertaining to his role as an elected official, let’s define the definition of the word “insensitive.”

a not responsive or susceptible 

  • insensitive to the demands of the public

b lacking feeling or tact 

  • so insensitive as to laugh at someone in pain

So now that we have established the definition of the word let’s take a hard look at the economic impact, or in this case possibly the lack thereof, pertaining to the Councilman’s constituents.

Now according to the article, the amount of money that, at the time, candidate Crandell promised to donate to “local youth organizations” was in the amount of $8,500. Let’s do some simple math pertaining to the amount of money that may have impacted the youth of the 7th Councilmatic District. Just to be sure that our facts are in order, the then-candidate, Mr. Crandell, who was elected councilman in 2014, at the very least, depending on how one interprets his – promise to donate – the total $$$ could be significant.

Here is where the word propaganda enters the picture. Was the councilman referring to the raise in a one year increment or a reference to his first four-year term in office? That is the – million dollar question – or in this case, $8,500 query. At the low-end of the councilman’s promise, the amount would be $8,500.  If on the other hand, Mr. Crandell was referring to his raise in relation to his first four-year term in office, then the amount would be significantly higher to the tune of $34,000.

Remember, we are talking about the youth of an impoverished and poor district as reflected in the definition of the councilman’s use of the word “insensitive.”

In the end, this whole issue comes down to a man who stands behind his word, or is it just more, as a definition implies, Councilman Crandell, just being “insensitive.”

The one thing we know for certain is that Councilman Crandell is certainly insensitive to crime in his district. Just take a look at his Facebook site and you will not see any mention of the double homicide and shooting that took place in a period of two days within the boundaries of the Councilman Crandell’s own district.

In the interest of transparency on our part, we did not reach out to the councilman for a comment. In the past, the Post has repeatedly revealed the councilman does not respond to any of our queries.

With that acknowledgment, we will have to wait for Councilman Crandell to – “Show me the money?”



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