The Post revealed the truth behind the school bus crisis … back in 2014!
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st September 2019
The Baltimore Post first reported a problem with BCPS bus drivers several years ago. (Photo credit/BCPS)

While the local media in Baltimore eventually covered the dramatic problems associated with the shortage of school bus drivers in Baltimore County, we found that something was missing from that coverage.

The truth.

Notice how this local media site spins the story, revealing only part of the real reason behind the bus driver shortage, thanks to information supplied by County Executive Johnny O and Councilman David Marks.

In direct contrast to that coverage, read the following article that appeared in The Baltimore Post back in 2014:

A while back, I received several phone calls regarding a group of bus drivers who were crying out for help. They said their pleas were falling on deaf ears in the county. So, we worked out some details, and I invited them to my home and let them tell, in their own words, their stories.

The unfortunate part about this whole school bus issue is the fact that BCPS and both past and present county officials were well aware of this potentially explosive problem. Yet they did little to address the situation.

Granted, salary is always an important consideration for any jobs, whether it is in the private or public sector. The Post strongly believes that salary is just one part of the issue that led to the current b us driver shortage.

However, salary isn’t the most important factor, particularly for those facing a hostile work environment.

The following quote may shed some light on that part of the issue:

The tales I was told were those of violence and an unresponsive school board which chose to ignore the problem in deference to a politically correct agenda.

It has been several years since the Post published our article about violence on Baltimore County school buses. Did the Kamenetz administration and the liberal school board feel the problem would take care of itself?

We published a series of videos about violence taking place throughout the BCPS system. Our impetus was to remind school officials and the public that such problems would continue unabated unless they were properly addressed.

In one graphic video taken inside a BCPS school bus, one student stomped on the head of another defenseless student while a female bus driver attempted to intervene.

Until the issues of school discipline are met head on and not “thrown under the bus,” these problems will continue to grow out of control.

We hope this article refocuses everyone’s attention on what we see as the true reason behind the current bus driver shortage. This is a serious problem that could be solved, but only if officials implement the proper measures.

Until discipline and respect become the focus of BCPS officials, and unless our elected officials are held accountable, the repercussions of the bus driver shortage only will get worse.

We hate to say, “We told you so,” but…



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