The Real Winners
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 20th January 2017

November 6, 2014 1:35 pm ET

In an election the pols aren’t the true winners; the people are

Source: The Real Winners

Election Day 2014 is in the books, and now the real work begins for everyone.

Before I begin, though, let me say there were many broken dreams—and there will be some dark nights ahead—for large numbers of pols in this election; not only locally, but across the nation. I believe that has to do with accountability. People simply won’t stand for lip service without action anymore.

I was looking through Facebook and saw the shattering of dreams unfold over social media throughout the night, and I actually felt bad because I’ve been there before. And I’m not talking about my short venture into politics.

Simply put, life is full of winners and losers. I felt sadness for those who came out on the wrong side of the vote tally, because that kind of rejection is sometimes tough to swallow.

With that said, the bigger issue is who really won the election. The Democrats? No. The Republicans? No. The people won—at least those who took the time to do their civic duty and vote. The fact that people still don’t vote astounds me, because without casting that ballot there is no democracy, which is the cornerstone of our United States of America. We the people need to ensure that our leaders continue to grant us the freedoms that we cherish in this country.

You see, freedom is not about rhetoric, but rather it is about leadership. And, within that term, you have to have the term character. If a leader does not have character, then that leader does not truly lead. To that end, the people will take back the honor of leadership and bestow it upon someone else.

On election night, we saw the people united in voice to send those who keep turning to the left on a one-way bus trip out of town (or office). The people voted against their pockets being picked by a far-left President who embodies the idealistic political correctness that has divided this nation with racial and ethnic discourse.

Case in point: There have been many times that have we taxpayers have heard someone say, “Don’t worry about it—the money will come from the feds or the state.” But, much of the time, you’ll find that the feds are taking money out of your right pocket, the state is taking funds out of your left pocket, and the local government has its hand in your back pocket.

At least they are nice enough to leave one pocket alone, since that probably contains a handkerchief to dry your tears.

In this election, people like Karen and Rick Cruz—who devoted their entire lives to driving change in the 7th District—had their dreams become reality. We saw history made when a virtual unknown won one of the loftiest honors in local government—State Senator. Not to mention, Cruz fought for her beliefs that there needed to be change and that was reflected when member of an iconic political family who everyone thought was a shoo-in to capture that lofty senate seat in Annapolis became a victim of the peoples (voters) ire.

There are three things that lead to the destruction of a nation: losing control of borders, language, and culture. Political correctness was ensuring that we lost control over all three. However, there may be hope yet, thanks to the voters.

There is a rallying cry in the NFL: “Not in our house!” It is a simple saying that means you have to take care of things at home and defend your turf. Unfortunately, we forget that in this country because we are too busy trying to be all things to all of the other nations and third-world countries. But there is not enough room or money in our house to take care of the rest of the world.

By the time President Obama leaves office, our national debt could hit $20 trillion dollars, despite the fact that we are in an anemic recovery from our disastrous recession. Regardless of how much recovery has been made, the middle class continues to suffer while the “tax and spend party” of the left continues to ring the bell of discourse among the people.

The people spoke loud and clear on Election Day, giving us new hope through new leadership. However, a fair warning to those newly elected chosen ones who have been given the honor to lead—if you don’t truly lead the people and work for the people, then you will also have your ticket punched for the bus loaded with broken dreams on a one-way trip out of town.

To the politicians I say listen closely; you can hear (X) it speak!

Because, after all, the real winners in any election are the people. Remember how the saying goes: “Of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

Now let’s get to work…

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