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Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

October 14, 2015 7:52 pm ET

Paper’s take on Government Center lacks key component—facts

Source: The Sun Doesn’t Shine

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Paper’s take on Government Center lacks key component—facts

I realize that the headline of today’s posting is a bit bold (and I am not talking about the font), but sometimes you have to make a bold statement to get some attention.

Hopefully, I will get the attention of the Sun Editorial Board, which needs a little help distinguishing between truth and fiction.

Honestly, some of what they write reminds me of that TV show, “Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader.”

In this case (and, for that matter, many others), the Sunfails to do one every important thing in its opinion piece from Friday, October 9research! What was said in that editorial is just a tad wrong. Or, as I like to say, it is full of crapolla.

The Sun’s first mistake is the crux of this entire matter. In legal terms, it is referred to as a deed. A deed is the thingy that … aw, heck, just read the definition for yourself:

Deed: A legal document that is signed and delivered, especially one regarding the ownership of property or legal rights.

That should be some pretty serious stuff, but the Sun’sEditorial Board found it to be a bit of fluff, as this statement from their editorial shows:

“Given that the North Point property was deeded to the county government three decades ago, the state doesn’t have much skin in this game.”

Three decades ago would be around 1985. But let’s focus on the language of the deed contained below, which was signed by then County Executive Donald Hutchinson in 1981, rather than focus on what the Sun cares about—left wing policy of the Democratic Party where facts don’t mater and loosely based opinion is king.

Below is the actual language of the deed at the heart of this controversy.

And, the said party of the second the financial part, acknowledging the financial interest; of the State of Maryland in the property herein described k does hereby covenant that it will not convey, by deed, lease or other means, any portion of or interest in said property without first having received written consent thereto from the Board of Public Works of the State Of Maryland. Such consent will not be unreasonable withheld.

Now after reading the actual language from the deed, you can see how the statement from the Sun’s Editorial board was just a tad off.

And then some…

One more important issue ignored in just about every article written on this issue is the reason for the selling of the government center property. The reason put forth by the county was that the funds raised from the sale of our land would go toward putting air conditioning in our schools.

The county made it sound like the money made on the sale of the GC would raise enough money to air condition all of Dundalk, but—in the end, after the beans were counted—all the citizens got was a lot of stinky hot air from those beans. Relocating the police precinct to Eastwood Elementary School will cost around $8 million plus (with a heavy focus on the “plus” side). Then there is the cost of a do-over for the Holabird School at a cost of $2.7 million.

So much for all of those beans paying for cooler air for our school children.

Now a MUD (or PUD, if you will) is supposed to be good for the community rather than pad a fat cat’s wallet. In this case, the Sun never mentions the money issue, which was the reasoning for selling the land in the first place. The paper seemed to forget the boondoggle in moving the police station, as well as the mess from mixing the elementary and middle school kids, which is not working out too well.

In the end, everything cost much more than the developer forked over for the land.

Also, we should not forget the alleged number of businesses lining up to come to the Merritt Pavilion. At the County Board of Appeals hearings, which were held by a former county attorney who defended Fred Homan, it sure seemed like the deck was stacked.

Dirty pool? As Gabby would say (teeth missing and all), “Darn tootin’!”

Simply put, folks, the Sun missed the target on the issue of the deed, the issue of the reason for the PUD in the first place (i.e., money for AC for our schools), and—I almost forgot—a better community.

The liberal lamestream mainstream media wants to stay relevant, yet it keeps trying to cram its agenda down our throats.

The sad part is that the county council was aware of the deed issue in a letter dated 12/2/13 from Dundalk United and choose to ignore it.

But I am not swallowing the swill, and you shouldn’t either.

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