The “Thin Blue Line” Hits Home
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

April 17, 2015 6:09 pm ET

County officer’s home raided due to wife’s involvement in alleged embezzlement/theft

Source: The “Thin Blue Line” Hits Home

This, folks, is one of those stories that I really wish I did not have to write.

But, in the interest of fairness, I need to report the news rather than subjectively decide what is or isn’t news (like some folks high on the food chain tend to do).

Tina M. Galloway, the wife of Baltimore County Police Sergeant Dan Galloway—currently assigned to the Tactical Unit under the command of Major Butch Wilson—is facing some serious issues with law enforcement. In fact, the Galloway home in Harford County was raided on March 3 related to an investigation into Mrs. Galloway’s possible involvement in an embezzlement and theft scheme at her former place of employment, Health Care United Federal Credit Union.

Here is what I know from the police report.

• The monetary amount of the alleged crime exceeds $80,000.

• Mrs. Galloway worked at the credit union for 15 years when she resigned her position as CEO on November 6, 2014.

• The raid involved both Harford County Sheriff’s detectives and Baltimore County investigators.

• As CEO Mrs. Galloway had complete access to the daily operations of the credit union; however, it was against the credit union’s policy to allow any employee to handle his/her personal accounts.

• During a standard audit by Rowles and Company and the National Credit Union Association, discrepancies in the accounts associated with Mrs. Galloway were discovered.

• Health Care United Federal Credit Union had accounts for Mrs. Galloway and other family members, including her husband, Sgt. Dan Galloway. Sgt. Galloway was not listed as a suspect in the report.

Sources have stated the county’s IA unit is now looking into all aspects of the case for potential connections to Sgt. Galloway. As always, I sent an email to Elise Armacost for a response. Here is what I sent:

Ms. Armacost:

I am aware of the embezzlement case and have the report. My question is, has Sgt. Dan Galloway been served with papers like the old 259 advising him that he is under investigation regarding this matter by IA?

I believe under the law, once the formal paperwork is served the information of (yes or no) can be released.

Buzz Beeler

As of the time of publication, I have not received a response. But, without sounding accusatory, I want to remind Ms. Armacost that covering up this matter will not make it go away.

Some further details from the police report note that the audit discovered numerous checks made payable to Tina Galloway that were supposed to be made payable to vendors who conduct business with the credit union.

The auditors were looking at a large volume of transactions spanning a period of about five years to determine what transactions were fraudulent.

Representatives of the credit union provided copies of fraudulent checks to illustrate how Mrs. Galloway was able to accomplish the alleged crime.

For example, a check would be written to Mrs. Galloway for $16,888, and a subsequent record would be presented to the credit union for that same amount for the purchase of computer hardware. However, the credit union noted that it did not make any such purchases of computer hardware.

The police report also reveals that along with the fraudulent checks written by Mrs. Galloway, she and her husband had three loans through the credit union. Those loans were for purchases of a Kubota tractor (backhoe/loader), a home equity loan, and a vehicle loan. There was also another car loan that, according to the credit union, was made without securing a lien against the vehicle—this posed a problem because, in the case of default on the loan, the credit union would not be allowed to reposess the vehicle.

The police report further revealed that the Galloways, as part of a loan skip program, skipped a payment more than 23 times in a 48 month period according to the audit.

In addition to the loans, Mrs. Galloway also gave herself a $5,000 bonus.

During the raid, a search and seizure was completed and a laundry list of items were seized.

Once the audit is complete, the credit union will notify the Harford County Sheriff’s office via a subpoena as required. The complete audit will also reveal will also determine if the loans were fraudulent, which may add to the total loss value.

The Harford County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating to see if Mrs. Galloway acted alone.

Sources are advising me that, on Baltimore County’s side of this equation, there are close associations with Major Butch Wilson, as well as others, and one would hope the department looks into this.

As for me, I will just sit back and watch. I can’t tell you what will happen, but I can surely tell you what should NOT happen. We should not see more distorted leadership that leads to another travesty of justice. We should not see the lack of consequences for those at the top (who have a long fall to the bottom, by the way) because they disregard the one thing that all cops put their lives on the line for – THEIR OATH OF OFFICE!

This one is another “wait and see” situation, folks. Let’s just hope that we don’t wait too long to see things get swept under another proverbial rug.

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