The true face of partisan impeachment: overthrow the will of “We the People”
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 20th January 2020
Nancy Pelosi vs the Joker
Nancy says she prays for the President every day. Now that is really a joke. (Photos Credits: &

As the publisher of The Baltimore Post, this past weekend I spent five hours watching the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) documentary on the Watergate incident. The one thing that was made abundantly clear was that entire impeachment process was a bipartisan effort.

I invite you to watch the videos below. After I viewed them, it became quite clear to this lifelong Democrat that there is a joke(er) being played on the voters. This whole impeachment process appears to be nothing more than an attempt by the far-left members of the party to steal the election away from the citizens of this great nation.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi started a purely partisan effort to further divide this country over nothing more than her party’s unabridged hatred of President Donald Trump.

We’ll modify our motto just a bit for the following videos: “You watch; you decide.”



To jump right to the signing of the articles, please go to time marker 5:37 in the video






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