FOX’s Tucker Carlson Dismantles Lefty’s Policy on Bathroom Issue
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 25th February 2017


Megan who?

When the much vaulted Megan Kelly left FOX’s prime time spot, some pundits were calling it a major setback for the number one cable news channel.  Kelly left FOX for NBC and joined the also newly departed Greta Van Susteren, who went to MSNBC, which has quite a small audience.

In Kelly’s case, the media was all over the story as if it was the end of FOX.  But then came Tucker Carlson, or as I like to refer to him, Scissorhands Carlson; suddenly, like so many in the past who sought greener grass and wound up in a field of dandelions, the name Megan Kelly became an afterthought.  Meanwhile Tucker, in less than a couple of weeks, KO’d the blond beauty’s star powered ratings with his simple method of, as he often puts it, asking the questions his  audience would like him to ask and dismantling the left with facts instead of propaganda.

That is just fascinating.

I thought the Post’s readers might enjoy watching Tucker dismantle the left wing’s transgender bathroom policy propaganda.

Even the liberal Sun’s article is so convoluted with statements, like this from BCPS  spokesman Mychael Dickerson that makes it hard to discern what the real message is:

Baltimore County public schools spokesman Mychael Dickerson said the schools system continues to follow state guidelines, but “even prior to that time our school administrators were working directly with students and their families to accommodate students’ needs on a case by case.”

Someone please explain what “case by case” means?  Does it mean, like the gentleman on Tucker’s show states in so many words, “whatever floats your boat?”

If a group of men entered the women’s room at the White Marsh Mall, how long do you think it would take until there were screams from women for someone to call the police?

Or what if the local boys high school basketball team showered in the girls locker room?

Watch this video and you’ll get my drift.



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