Unabated Insanity Continues Inside BCPS Regarding Violence
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 10th January 2018


This brave little girl stood up and did the right thing while BCPS continues to do the wrong thing.


Just a warning that the video below contains violence; viewer discretion is advised.

The family who posted the original video requested that it go viral and also asked for coverage from the media. Because this video was posted to a public site, we are not required to conceal the identities of the subjects in the video. However, we chose to reveal the face of the victim to to her extreme bravery regarding the situation.

The Baltimore Post has repeatedly focused on this issue by showing bullying and violence within BCPS. With that said, there is one way to find out the truth and what is being done to stop this insanity. Below is a list of some of the articles published by the Post concerning these issues which continue to go unabated:

Besides lip-service and possible censorship, let’s see if the politicians attempt to actually affect change in this troubled BCPS system.

Now given the fact that the Post is been covering similar issues going back to the Dance administration, if anyone truly believes this issue was resolved today we think they are sadly being mistaken.

Nothing has changed at BCPS regarding this issue since former Superintendent Dr. Dallas Dance made a rather quick exit. Meanwhile, his replacement, interim Superintendent Verlaatta White, is also under scrutiny.

In some of the Post’s columns, we reached out to Councilman Todd Crandell, and never once did we receive a reply. So, with that in mind, please read the below comment from Mr. Crandell with his response to the recent incident at Holabird Middle School:

Todd Crandell

3 hrs

I am shocked and outraged by the bullying incident at Holabird Middle School, where I went many years ago. I have asked BCPS for a full investigation and appropriate action be taken. My heart goes out to the Selby family. I have repeatedly asked BCPS and the School Board to bring their discipline policies into line with the current state of our schools, and this incident is further proof, as if we needed any more, that some of our classrooms are out of control and stronger oversight and disciplinary action is necessary.

In order to make sure we provide our readers with the truth via a complete investigation, the following email was sent to Councilman Crandell:

Councilman Todd Crandell:

Based on your following posting on Facebook concerning the recent bullying incident at Holabird Middle School, can you provide any documentation of your request sent to as you stated in your posting.

We are interested in any formal request on Baltimore County Council letterhead regarding any formal request to have this issue addressed.

The Baltimore Post will be going to publication with this issue later today.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Buzz Beeler


Immediately after sending the above email, we contacted the Councilman’s office and spoke to Mr. Doug Anderson. We asked the following: “Based on the Councilman’s posting on Facebook, can you provide any documentation of a formal written request concerning the incident at Holabird Middle School?”

Mr. Anderson’s reply was, “Yes, it’s around here some place,” and he immediately put us on hold. We waited until we were disconnected. It seemed like the perfect CYA moment, but as of 3 PM we have received no response either by phone call or email from the Councilman’s office.

There is one way to get around a CYA, and that is a PIA, otherwise known as a Public Information Act Request.   That will require Councilman Crandell to provide written documentation of any formal request to either BCPS or any Maryland State officials.

That particular PIA will be filed expeditiously.

Politicians are typically about spreading propaganda and posing for photo ops. We will have something to say beyond what we are posting in today’s column at a later date. For now we will focus on a comment from Delegate Ric Metzgar, who wrote the following on Facebook:

I spoke with Ms King about the recent bullying incident at Holabird Middle School today is opening session in Annapolis otherwise I would be there in person myself Ms king put me on speaker with the families of the two young ladies that were involved in the incident this is school policy I am happy to report that the relationship between the two young ladies have been restored and the video and the remarks on social media have been removed this conflict resolution has been resolved, and will turn into a positive learning experience for both of the young ladies, also the folks that was pushing this bad behavior is also being delt with, i assured the school, where ever i could help i am there, i will be stopping by Friday when i leave Annapolis, i want to personally meet everyone involved, and give positive input into this matter [SIC]

After reading Delegate Metzgar’s reply, everyone might think that the video depicts an isolated incident and all is well in the land of BCPS.  However, we know that that is a fallacy and just more propaganda from politicians who are very apt at lip-service but rather inept at dealing with the hardcore issues that have been going on inside the disturbed and non-functioning public school system.

For proof to back up our above statement, just read the number of articles we have published. I ask Delegate Metzgar if removing his social media post is an attempt to cover up this long-festering debacle, or just outright censorship???  Another question we would ask Delegate Metzgar is how many other victims did he put on speaker while trying to resolve the issue from afar?

Meanwhile, the Post received an email from the delegate involving another Post story about a recent town hall meeting. The delegate states, “I would like to set the record straight that there was no censorship during our Town Hall Meeting.”

The Post also contacted the Holabird Middle School asking for a comment from the principal. We were placed on hold for six minutes and 30 seconds, after which we were advised to contact Mr. Mychael Dickerson, chief of staff for Interim Superintendent Verelatta White, with any questions.

Needless to say, the Post has not received any response. No surprise there, because this is standard operating procedure for many of our government officials.

This is a copy of the email sent to Mr. Dickerson’s office:

Dear Mr. Dickerson:

After contacting the Holabird Middle School we were advised after waiting six minutes on hold, to contact your office seeking a reply to the incident.

We will go to press later on this day and hopefully you may want to make a comment regarding this serious and ongoing issue.


Buzz Beeler

There is one other issue that needs to be addressed: the mixing of elementary and middle school students in the same building. The Post will continue to explore that issue.

In closing this column, we want to say that our hearts go out to the brave girl who stood there and refused to be part of the insane nightmare that continues to engulf BCPS system.

The Baltimore Post will continue to provide the people of this county with the truth and nothing but the truth. That is our pledge to our readers.

(Note:  At press time there is no response from either BCPS, Councilman Todd Crandell even acknowledging the email the Post had sent. For those interested in reading the comments we have posted a PDF file below.  Let’s see if some of the politicians try and censor the below comments. Sorry fellas no can do.)


Please click on the image below to view the PDF

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