(Un)Civil(ized) Disturbance
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

March 21, 2016 3:24 pm ET

Vulgar t-shirt and food stamp card draw angry response at store

Source: (Un)Civil(ized) Disturbance

“Why can’t it be like this,


rather than instead of this…”

As I go about my travels, I run into many acquaintances and friends who report incidents to me that merit a mention in my blog. This is one of those times, folks.

In some of my recent postings, I have discussed a racial divide in our community. The latest incident relayed to me does not bode well for diminishing that divide.

Before I begin relaying the story, I want you to know that I will not name the store or the person who relayed the story. I do this to protect those who wish to speak freely and openly without fear of retaliation. There are too many liberals who prefer to broad-brush the issues and sweep them under the proverbial rug.

And now, as the late great Paul Harvey used to say, the rest of the story…

Recently, a young man entered a grocery store with a t-shirt that read “F*** the police.” However, unlike my censored version here, the “F word” was spelled out in plain view. To no surprise, this drew the anger of other customers in the store.

I advised my source that the store had a right to call the police and have the person removed for a variety of reasons, including disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct.

For those who believe I am taking that a step too far, let me remind you (or educate you) about MD Law Article 27, Disorderly Conduct, which states the following subsection:

“…act in an offensive manner that disturbs others”

The law allows us to determine acceptable behavior according to community standards. There are various ways to utilize one’s right to free speech, but the totality of the circumstances clearly indicate this was an offensive act meant to disturb others, which is exactly what it did.

According to the source (who, by the way, was quite upset describing the events), the people in the store became visibly angry, particularly when the young man used a food stamp card to pay for his purchases.

That only added fuel to the fire.

I would like to say that the vulgar t-shirt was an isolated incident, but I would be lying. I was in the Wal-Mart the other day and could hear screaming or arguing where “the F bomb” was used repeatedly. Employees were calling over the loud speaker for the police officer to respond, which he did, and thankfully order was restored.

Not long ago, someone sent me a picture of a sign in Dearborn, MI that was anti-Muslim. I asked about the source of the photo and whether or not it was vetted. The person had been sent the photo by someone else and could not tell me if it was authentic.

That photo, though, was making the rounds online, and many people thought it was legitimate. I always check such things because many are not real and are manipulated through programs like Adobe Photoshop.

My research concluded that this particular anti-Muslim photo was not real, but rather was a manipulated image. Shortly after, I removed the photo and sent a message that stated I would not allow this kind of propaganda, regardless the agenda.

If one keeps seeking the truth thorough due diligence, there is a good chance one will find it.

Getting back to the young man who obviously had a negative agenda toward the police (despite being reliant on our tax dollars), I only hope that, in the future, people who are confronted with this kind of behavior take legal action to stop it.

No matter our agenda, there are rules for civilized conduct and I think that all of us, despite of race, creed or color would prefer the 60 Minutes version of behavior.

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