United States of Divided States
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

December 3, 2015 6:41 pm ET

Liberal vs. conservative is tearing nation apart

Source: United States of Divided States

The Baltimore Sun this morning, December 3, 2015, presented the following headline:

14 dead in Calif. Mass shooting

And, sure enough, there are two much divided sides arguing over this issue.

The divide between the two sides? The word motive is the missing link.

Now here is how the Sun’s front page described the mass shooting:

A dispute at a holiday gathering might have sparked a mass shooting in San Bernardino that left 14 people dead and 17 others wounded Wednesday, federal law enforcement said.

Here is what the article does not describe as to the facts of the case:

· The suspects were well prepared with some sort of body armor and carrying assault rifles.

· Investigators found an IED factory in the suspects’ home, along with 1,600 of rounds of ammunition.

· Evidence shows a well-planned coordinated attack.

· A neighbor noticed prior suspicious late night events.

· The Feds admit possible terrorism ties.

· The suspects’ child was dropped off with grandparents prior to attack.

· The President now says possible links to terrorism.

· Republicans have been criticized for sending prayers to the victims.

· Democrats blame lack of gun control despite the fact that California has some of the toughest gun laws in the country.

· The same excuse was used in the Fort Hood slaughter—blamed on workplace violence and not terrorism.

Several people interviewed on camera, including a retired homicide detective and the former head of the FBI, said that while 14 U.S. citizens lay dead, the government was more concerned with political correctness. I watched that segment personally.

I agree with that statement, by the way.

Now here again is another interesting aspect to the case. When authorities arrived at the home of the suspects, what investigators found was an IED bomb making factory with remote control devices among what was found.

The suspects also had 1,600 rounds of ammunition stockpiled for what some analysts believe were additional attacks.

One of the foremost authorities on Mideast terrorism, Dr. Walid Pharess, stated, “This is terrorism; the question is, what type of terrorism is it?”

Syed Farook traveled to Pakistan before returning home with his bride, Tashfeen Malik. Analysis by experts point to this issue.

The divide is so wide between the sides that it goes straight to the headline of the NY Daily News, which criticized those who sent prayers to the victims with the headline of God Won’t Fix This.”

That was in direct contrast to the President’s message of just the opposite, where he mentioned sending prayers to the victims of this mass shooting.

As we saw in the Fort Hood shooting, the President refused to call it an act of Jihadi terrorism. Now he is forcing police departments to return the type of armored vehicles that were used in this current mass shooting.

Released recordings of police officers engaged in the chase invoke the need for these armored vehicles that President Obama is demanding they return.

His reasoning is the perception of the police in the aftermath of the Ferguson incident, even though the officer’s shooting was ruled justified.

I wonder how Mr. Obama will now deal with this latest issue.

What I see that is tearing this nation apart is ideology expressed by two letters and two words—D vs. R and liberal vs. conservative.

Right after the shootings in California, Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, and President Obama politicized this tragedy with a call for more gun control despite the fact that gun control is not a practical solution, as we have found in Chicago, where the homicide rate is the highest in the country.

Both Chicago and San Bernardino have some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

Any reasonable person knows with some research that gun control will not work, as there are more guns than people in the United (or Divided) States, according to the Washington Post.


Another expert stated in a live interview that there was an obvious mission based on the amount of armament the suspects had in their possession.

The issue at hand for debate: workplace violence vs. terrorism.

As for my opinion, I come down on the side of Dr. Pharess and agree this was an act of terrorism.

As the saying goes, divide and conquer!

The further we divide, the more we will be conquered…

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