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Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

February 17, 2016 12:13 am ET

Should Councilwoman Bevins have known better?

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Just a fair warning, folks: the only “PC” connected to this blog is the Personal Computer that I use to write and post the blog. That other “PC” is for the birds, and they should have flown south.

When I viewed a series of photos of Councilwoman Bevins wearing a religious veil, I was shocked. My first thought was of Navy personnel who were captured by the Iranians a short time ago.

The expressions are noticeably different, and it just got worse from that point.

I want you to look closely at these photos of our service personnel and how they were humiliated by the Iranians for propaganda purposes:


After you take a gander of that, gaze upon this Navy man. I’m quite sure he might have few words for Mrs. Bevins:


Obviously, whatever Councilwoman Bevins was doing is beyond me. I sent her an e-mail asking for a comment, but the answer I received was the same as always—nada! (See additional note below)

For those of you who don’t know how this writer feels about multiculturalism, just take a look at this debate:


As for the counter point of love, hugs, and kisses, I hardly find this next video—which, by the way, took place in Deerborn, MI—to be one of love:


I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable of local and world events. I write about them all the time. I am not PC, and I espouse only the truth, which does not include holding hands around the proverbial campfire while singing Kumbaya.

Speaking of Kumbaya, where was the conversation on the issue of womens rights. You might want to read Time Magazine on that issue. Funny how the left ignores anything that gets in the way of the truth.

Slice it any way you want, and you will get the truth from the Sun. Read this letter from a reader complaining that there are not enough Spanish language books in our libraries:


One of Mr. Reyes’ key points is, “As a bilingual adult, I find this problematic. What does it say to the adult Spanish speaker?

My response is that most of us are not bilingual. The last time I checked, this was still the United States of America, a country where the majority of people speak ENGLISH!

Another question I have for Mr. Reyes is, “Who will pay for this?” Judging by the cost factor, as outlined by The Center for Immigration Studies, the taxpayers are on the hook for enough as it is.

Even the Pope visited one of the most corrupt countries in the world (according to Forbes Magazine) in an attempt to turn the tide of this cancer.

If anyone doubts that the murderous drug cartels are headed this way, I strongly suggest that you do some homework.

Or, instead, maybe you could buy the Brooklyn Bridge. I’ve heard that it’s for sale.

Let’s get back to Mrs. Bevins. What language is used for the sign in front of the podium? Answer: It ain’t [sic] English. Does this mean that, as the Muslim population continues to grow, we will see another letter in the Sunasking for more books to be printed in the other languages spoken globally—all 311 of them?

It reminds one of the famous Biblical story about the Tower of Babel.

I have another question for Councilwomen Bevins: If you truly believed in the message, rather than just pandering with a quick photo, then why remove the photos from your FB site so quickly? Was this a “flavor of the moment” type of event?

Even Europe has changed its no border policy, especially because the Syrian immigrant crisis is overwhelming the EU’s ability to cope with the problems.

Many of the refuges are young men, by the way—young men who, according to news reports, have little regard for women.

I have often wondered if “fight or flight” would kick in for me. I can say that, like those from the greatest generation of all (WW II), I would stay and fight. Not a physical kind of fight, mind you, but rather I would fight with the tools our constitution gave us—the power of the vote.

The most destructive problem facing this country is the complete lack of assimilation. To see the real impact of that issue, you can travel to Europe or stay home and visit Deerborn, MI. There you will see firsthand that nothing much has changed in the human race, including the fact that the Black Lives Matter movement demonstrates a great divide in our genetic base.

Remember, all lives matter. Focusing on one specific group excludes the rest, which is a darn shame.

By the way, I have more photos of that meeting, but one said enough.

Note: Right after publication I received this e-mail from Councilwoman Bevins’ office. My first e-mail regarding this issue was sent on 2/14/16, at 2:14 pm.

The response is published as written:

On 2/16/2016 6:31 PM, County Council District 6 wrote:

Dear Mr. Beeler – Councilwoman Bevins asked me to respond on her behalf. That picture was taken of her at the Amadiyya Muslim Community Center in Rosedale, which is in her district. She was attending an interfaith forum with many religious leaders from several faiths and the topic was “Faiths Unite Against Hate,” with the slogan, “Love for All, Hate for None.” Councilwoman Bevins was invited as a guest speaker and she felt that as a guest she would show respect by covering her head at the mosque. If she was a man and had been invited to a synagogue to speak, she would have worn a yarmulke as well. I hope this helps to clarify, but please let me know if I can answer any other questions you might have.

Dennis Teegardin

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