UPDATE: No Class, Just Crass
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

September 11, 2015 10:22 am ET

Kamanetz aide reaches out to robbery victim

Source: UPDATE: No Class, Just Crass

Mr. Sheppard, the good one is on the left


All is forgiven in love and war, and Mr. Bryan Sheppard reached out to Mr. John Ayres and they kibitzed for about an hour.

Mr. Sheppard did the right thing and, for that, he should be commended.

My lips are sealed on what the conversation was about but, in my dealings with Mr. Sheppard (and although we may not have agreed on certain issues), we were always cordial.

I have made some major boo-boos and always had to go back and correct them. Mr. Sheppard did just that with this one.

The town crier yelled: ”All is well!”


Sometimes, folks, something happens that rings so hollow that you just shake your head, shake your fist, and scream –SAY WHAT?!?!?

This, unfortunately, is one of those times.

Let me set the scene for you. A former community leader sent out an announcement to government officials about being robbed at gunpoint because the government officials were his so-called friends. After telling them of his horrible experience, he received the following text message: “Did you get a police report?”

That was it. That was the reply received. No -are you OK, anyone hurt, how can I help- but just another crime victim reaching out to a deaf and dumb ear.

That was the crassest and most ignorant thing I have ever heard of, folks. I was thinking that firing the dolt would not be a severe enough penalty, but my fortitude tells me not to mention what the alternate punishment could be.

Those involved in this tragic play are Mr. John Ayres, the victim of the armed robbery I reported on earlier, who was a former community leader that the Kamenetz administration didn’t mind using when trying to steal the government center. The other party, the one who sent the obtuse text message, was Bryan Sheppard, Mr. Kamenetz’s point man for the Office of Community Outreach for the east side of Baltimore County.

Now what kind of constituent service could a man like Mr. Shepard provide after sending a crime victim such a crude and obnoxious text message? As sad as that may be, it seems to sum up the arrogance of the Kamenetz administration, which this video clearly demonstrates:


If you listen to his words, he admonishes the community for their vocal input (or protest, if you will)

His own words demand the firing of Mr. Sheppard.

Mr. Ayres sent Mr. Sheppard a copy of the blog I wrote, and I clearly stated that the police were on the scene.

However, I seriously doubt that Mr. Ayres makes the kind of money Mr. Sheppard makes to be asked to provide a police report.

This is just the latest snub, I’ll have you know. Once the Kamenetz gang used Mr. Ayers and his influence as a community leader to their advantage, he was banished by all members of county government, including our Councilwoman Cathy Bevins, who was probably too busy with her bill on the mall outlet.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the district where the robbery took place is her district?

I cannot think of anyone else in the position of representing county government acting in such a callus manner as to send that kind of message.

Mr. Kamenetz, I would strongly suggest that you take action because, like the video shows (and it’s an old one), your popularity is fading as fast as Hillary Clinton’s emails.

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