Update on Councilman’s Sellout Earns Poor “Marks”
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

December 27, 2015 9:18 pm ET

Turning Towson into “Spring Break City”

Source: Update on Councilman’s Sellout Earns Poor “Marks”

Mr. Kamenetz, Councilman Marks and distinguished guest: FOOD FIGHT, and now real fight!

UPDATE: Folks you might want to see this link fromWJZ TV 13 about a confrontation with county police and some unruly folks at the Towson Mall.

Say it ain’t so Councilman Marks.

Folks, I call them as I see them, and what I see is a poor choice by another council member.

To me, it would seem that Councilman David Marks may be in the pockets of developers, as Towson has become what I would refer to as an “overdeveloped nightmare” featuring gridlock, crime, and out of control college students fueled by alcohol.

I have talked to police officers in that district, and they say that, after dark, Towson is overrun with drunken students and people flooding out of the city, adding to an already chaotic situation.

Recently, my brother’s garage was robbed when an SUV, in the early morning hours, backed up into his driveway and stole a generator.

The suspects were apprehended about a week later by county police; amazingly, the perps were caught while stealing in the same area.

I guess the thieves would refer to that as good hunting grounds.

Senator James Brochin, a Democrat who represents the area, posted the following tweet in reaction to a video showing the arrest of a drunken student outside the Green Turtle bar: “Is this actually Towson?”


Sadly, Senator, it is … and it gets much worse.

Here is a quote from the Baltimore Sun:

“Brochin said the video also illustrates a broader problem in Towson: the thousands of young revelers who pour into the downtown bars on many nights, and the mayhem that occasionally occurs.”

Occasionally? How about every night, Senator Brochin?

The problem is spreading beyond Towson proper, though, and now includes communities like Kenilworth and those Lego apartments on Dulaney Valley Road across from the mall. That area has become an “attack of the zombies” zone because that is what happens to the brain when it gets saturated with alcohol.

Let’s get back to the video. I don’t know of any cop that goes to work night after night that wants to deal with drunks. You see, during the last 19 years of my career as a county cop, I had that unfortunate duty. I was the Alcohol Unit supervisor. I was trained at Northwestern University on a variety of alcohol-related issues.

The one main thing I learned was to never try and reason with a drunk. How many violent crimes are committed by those under the influence?

Here are some sobering facts on the issue from the National Partnership on Alcohol Misuse and Crime:

Alcohol Misuse and Other Crimes

In 2008, the Pew Center on the States reported that an astounding one in every 100 adults in the U.S. was behind bars. While drunk driving gets the most attention, the incidence of other alcohol-involved crimes including domestic violence, underage drinking, and assault has reached staggering proportions.

Regarding the video, the left wing Baltimore Sun has no clue how dangerous a drunk can be. The officers repeatedly order the suspect to comply with commands to place his hands behind his back, and it’s obvious that the impaired subject has no intentions of complying.

As a police officer, one is trained to use whatever force is necessary to make the arrest.

I was trained to deal with someone resisting arrest using what is called an ASP—a metal rod that expands in length, which replaces the old nightstick that cops used to carry.

The concept is to yell commands to the suspect and order the suspect to comply. If the suspect does not comply, the officer might use pepper spray. If that does not work, then the officer uses the ASP.

When dealing with a drunk whose behavior is escalating, especially while an intoxicated crowd is gathering (listen to the number of bleeps), the safety of the officer and his/her fellow officers is at risk. Look closely at the video and watch a girl restrain a male from attempting to escalate the situation.

The Sun does not talk about the drunken students found passed out on people’s lawns or urinating on people’s property, not to mention the constant yelling and screaming that accompanies this rowdy behavior.

No, let’s just blame the cops. After all, the police officers were just trying to do their jobs, and that doesn’t include saying “pretty please with sugar on top.”

Trust me, a strike with an ASP is a helluva lot more painful than hitting someone with a leather glove. Using the ASP would have been within the guidelines of CALEA (law enforcement standards) as applied to arrest-resisting suspects.

There was no mention of the suspect requiring medical treatment. Trust me—had the officers used the ASP, there would have been a trip to the ER involved.

Does anyone really believe that the drunk was going to raise his hands and say, “I give up?”

If so, would you like to buy a bridge?


Here are some training videos on YouTube regarding ASP training. It may look brutal, but cops aren’t paid to get beaten up by the bad guys.


On the flip side of that, here is a video that shows what can happen when a situation quickly escalates out of control.


Now if anyone doubts how alcohol contributes to crime, here are some sobering facts.


One other note: where did this incident occur? The Green Turtle—the Towson bar that received a Baltimore County forgiven loan of $265,000 worth of our money as part of an O’Malley $893,000 financing package for the bar.

I wonder if Larry Hogan’s appearance on C-4 and O’Malley’s pay-to-play scheme entered into that deal.

As crime, congestion, traffic, and gridlock grow in Towson and beyond, Councilman (poor) Marks continues to be the front man for the Kamenetz agenda.

I think this quote from the Sun sums it up:

“Ertel said Schlachman and DMS are throwing money at the problem instead of collaborating with the GTCCA and its member communities to make a better project. He also said Marks and other county officials are using the planned unit development process as a way to push the project through as planned, without proper zoning or community support.”

Did I say crime is increasing? This does!


Folks, the nightmare continues, and it will not stop until we clean out the current council. Mr. Kach has given up, but that doesn’t mean that the taxpayers should give up as well.

Let’s take it back come election day…

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