Updated: One Blogger’s Truth is Another Person’s … ???
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

February 21, 2016 10:18 pm ET

Lawsuit filed in MD high-school over Islamic indoctrination cliam

Source: Updated: One Blogger’s Truth is Another Person’s … ???

Councilwoman Bevins, who is this man? What did he do and why did you vote for him?

Update: “A public high school in MD has been accused of radical Islamic indoctrination by forcing children to profess the Muslim statement of faith, ordering them to memorize the Five Pillars of Islam and teaching that the faith of a Muslim is stronger than the average Christian, according to a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday.”

To read more on the case click on the link.


As a guitar player, there is always a sense of accomplishment when you strike each cord true through the entire song as not to distort the sound of the music. When that happens, those who appreciate the true replication of the tune applaud. Others, who want “something different,” wrinkle their noses and complain.

Well, it seems liked I struck at least some of those types of chords in my last blog, Unveiling the Truth.

The article focused on the attire worn by 6th District Councilwoman Cathy Bevins, who was addressing a Muslim religious group at an interfaith meeting—Faiths Unite Against Hate, with the slogan, “Love for all.”

There wasn’t much love toward the links I posted in the blog.

As a result, several people took issue with me on several points, which I will quote using their comments, and add clarifying points to rebut these fine folks.

First things first. I pride myself on revealing the truth, even when it casts me in a negative light. I had written that Councilwoman Bevins had removed the photos of her visit to the Mosque. She actually did not, and I apologized in the comments section. I reiterate that apology again here.

Now for some the comments and my rebuttal.

(Note: all posts are displayed verbatim.)

Here is an interesting one coming from a prior military man:

Damien Pena So you’re saying it’s incorrect to display proper customs when being invited to a forum. As a prior military im proud that you took the time to respect cultures but also displayed diversity, which is what your district represents a culture of diverse people. Buzz you’re a bully not a journalist. You don’t take YOUR personal agenda and call it journalism. What have you done lately to better your community and peers?

Mr. Pena, may I ask you what uniform our soldiers wear when serving overseas? May I ask how you treat prisoners taken in combat overseas?

If you were to adopt the customs of that country in a variety of matters, I’m quite sure your military career would be a short one.

I would say, to start, that the beheading of innocent women and children to scare them into submission is not standard military practice among U.S. military personnel, even though it is a standard practice among many different groups in the Middle East.

Is that what you meant by “respect cultures but also displayed diversity,” sir? Why don’t you ask those Navy personnel captured by the Iranians how they feel?

One more question for you Mr. Pena: What would call you the Fort Hood incident?

I am looking forward to your answer to print in a future blog.

As for the rather inane comment of, “What have you done lately to better your community and peers?”

I would strongly suggest that you read my hundreds of articles written over the last seven years that have exposed the corruption of government and its inner workings. In doing so, I have traveled, spoken to hundreds of people, and attended more events than I care to count.

What really is strange in this situation is how people perceive this issue. It seems that, depending on the subject, I am either praised or vilified for my efforts.

I am praised when I write about the AC shortcomings in the BCPS, and I am credible in those blogs as no one questions my facts. However, when I write something that upsets the liberals, I am vilified. Suddenly the diatribe becomes “Buzz is not a credible journalist,” or “Buzz doesn’t write the truth,” or “Buzz’s facts aren’t accurate.”

Even worse, people say that I hate Muslims, or dredge up a host of other issues that are rather lame arguments.

First, let me ask many of the naysayers who claim that I hate Muslims about the NY Times article that I listed in my blog. Does the NYT hate Muslims?

When the Sun covers crime in the city, does the Sun hate blacks?

When ABC, NBC, CBS, or FOX, or other publications in this country, report on ISIS, or when an Iraqi solider (supposedly our ally) kills our troops, do all of them hate Muslims?

When one reads some of the comments posted, it almost boggles the mind. When the press points out crime in the city, do the liberals jump up and yell that the Sun hates blacks?

Mrs. Bevins states that she doesn’t talk to bloggers, but yet she is fully engaged in this discourse. Why? If she doesn’t talk to bloggers, then why is she responding to me?

Apparently, not one of those who commented read my Patch Profile, because my professional writing career goes back to the 1980s when I worked for the Baltimore Sun, The Sunday Sun, and The News American. I also won a national award for journalism.

After all, bloggers can very much be journalists, such as this gentleman, who started out as a blogger and is now at the The New York Times as one of their top reporters:


This is a favorite tactic of the left—attack the messenger to distract others from the message.

Many of those who commented make some strange statements about me hating Muslims, along with other nonsense. I say, “Show me the quotes.”

Did we forget 9/11? This was a well-funded and planned attack on our nation.

Has anyone noticed that our values have been under constant attack on issues like the flag and prayer in the schools, not to mention many others?

And yet, in NY, whole sections of the city are shut down to allow the Muslims to pray, while our school systems forbid that practice for Christians?

View the videos at the following link. As I said before, I don’t just make this stuff up.


Now, here is another interesting aspect to this. View this report from Diane Sawyer of ABC News:


Again, in NY, entire areas are shut down to allow for periods of prayer. Also, many Christian customs are no longer allowed in our BCPS system, such as announcing Christmas holidays on school signs, even though state law requires it.

In many places, crosses are banned. If someone banned a Muslim religious symbol, there would be lawsuits, television specials, and social media campaigns in outrage.

I would like one person to show me a quote where I stated I hated Muslims.

I would also like to hear from the naysayers: how many have ever been to a Mosque? In quite plain language, are you walking the walk or just talking the talk?

I would also like to know why there is no one protesting the government’s move against Christianity? Why is everyone silent on that issue?

In closing, I find it rather disingenuous for Councilwoman Bevins to wear religious clothing when she is not a Muslim and, to my knowledge, has never been a Muslim.

To finish my headline, one person’s truth is another person’s hate speech. However, that is only because the “hate speech” label is being misapplied.

A late development in this saga:

Last night I asked one of Mrs. Bevins vocal supporters who Mr. Fred Homan was? I did not receive a reply.

Can any of Mrs. Bevins cheerleaders tell me about Mr. Homan and his political connection to the Councilwoman?

Better yet, why don’t we let Mrs. Bevins tell our readers all about Mr. Homan. After all, she had plenty to say about my last blog.

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