Victims left in tears while State’s Attorney’s Office celebrates
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 8th December 2018
The question is, who would take the time to spoof a number from the police department to a victim of a crime? (Photo Credit:

The Baltimore Post would never bemoan any business for having a Christmas party; however, we would like to know why the Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office felt it appropriate to hold its party at the taxpayers’ expense during regular working hours.

The Post recently published an article dealing with a local citizen who touted vigilantism using biker gangs and posting pictures on social media of himself holding an assault rifle. Also, this particular citizen bragged about his political connections, including those with the police captain at the local precinct.

According to one of the victims, a peace order was brought on November 21, 2018, against Debbie O’Connell. The victim also advised the Post that Mrs. O’Connell did not appear at the first court hearing regarding the case.

Mrs. O’Connell was assigned a new court hearing for December 7, 2018. Upon hearing that Debbie O’Connell had not been served with the peace order, the judge was forced to grant yet another new hearing date. This action forces one victim, who is pregnant, to appear in court for the third time.

The Post was contacted by two victims who were both in tears as a result of their experiences dealing with the Baltimore County Police Department, the Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office, and the courts.

One of the victims and set up a meeting with assistant SA Thomas Kane to discuss the evidence they had gathered. According to the victim Mr. Kane stated that he was too busy to look at the evidence.

The Post contacted the BCSA’s office and left a message for Mr. Kane regarding the subject. We did not receive a return call. Another attempt to reach the SA’s Office on December 7 was answered by an operator who advised that the office was closed the rest of the day for a Christmas party. Note that this phone call to the SA’s office took place early in the day.

We want to note that, while there is no direct evidence as to who may be engaged in any alleged criminal activity, there are some circumstances that warrant a closer examination of the situation.

In addition to the two victims who filed peace orders against the O’Connells, the Post has been contacted by others who have been receiving unwanted messages on their computers.

All of the victims have received pornographic material, which includes several extreme fetish materials. What is suspicious about these incidents is the timing. They all began after the peace orders were filed. In addition to the pornographic material, victims started to receive spoofed phone calls. Some of the messages that are being spoofed include the young daughter of one of the victims.

The Post is in possession of one particular video in which the victims’ phones are called by someone spoofing both of the victims’ phone numbers as if they were trying to contact each other.

The below video shows just how far someone will go to break the law and create havoc among innocent victims. As you can see, the number shown is the phone number of the Baltimore County Police Essex precinct.

According to the victims, there are hundreds of screenshots of this type of criminal conduct.

The victims did have the foresight to contact the Baltimore County Police Internal Affairs section and filed a formal complaint.

Some of the potential crimes are listed below. These crimes fall under the jurisdiction of the FBI. These are federal offenses, so they trump state and county laws. With that said, Maryland has similar types of laws concerning these offenses.

* Identity theft: In addition to traditional means of pursuing individuals suspected of Identity theft the FBI has increased their prosecution of individuals using false identities or gathering other people’s personal information over the internet.

* Illegal use of Peer-to-Peer networks: The FBI has begun to look closely at the different peer-to-peer networks and has prosecuted individuals associated with these networks for a number of crimes including copyright infringement, child pornography, and obscenity, as well as computer hacking.

* Creation and use of viruses and malware: Viruses and malware can cause significant headaches for anyone whose computer has been infected. They can also be used to gather personal information or obtain money for the removal of the virus. As a result, the FBI has increased the resources it has dedicated to viruses and malware prosecution.  (Source)

The Post feels that the treatment of these victims is beyond ludicrous. And the buck for this treatment stops right at the desk of State’s Attorney Scott Shellenberger.

This is not the first time Mr. Shellenberger has turned his back on a crime victim, as the Post recently reported.

This year’s Grinch ward goes to? ( Federal credit/WBAL)

It is almost unthinkable that while our top law enforcement officials are having a Christmas party, the victims of these annoying crimes are left to suffer. One of the victims is threatening to leave their home because they cannot take the constant harassment. The other victim has just found out that she is pregnant and is suffering from stress as a result of the situation.

Let’s see if Johnny O truly meant what he said about “Making this a better Baltimore County,” because right now, for some these victims, it doesn’t seem to be a very hospitable place to live.

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