Video Verifies Violence in County Schools
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 19th May 2017


Video of a brawl in a county high school

Post investigation draws more evidence of a broken school system in Baltimore County


When the Post published a column about obtaining a video showing a violent scenario in a county school, several “trolls” unleashed an attack on our credibility as to whether or not we even had such video.

As evidenced here, we do have that video. Be forewarned, the footage contains violent and disturbing acts.

You will also notice that the Post went to great lengths to blur the faces of teens not directly involved in the fight.  It should be noted that the Post was under no obligation to do so, since the video was posted to a public social media site and, therefore, was in the public domain.

Here is the video referenced in our previous column:

After that column was published, the Post received numerous calls from parents, who we then interviewed.  In addition, we received an additional photo of another person attacked at a BCPS facility who required stitches.

More on that later.

One person we spoke with told the Post that she began to notice young people gathering at a local pizza shop. This person approached the group and asked them where they went to school. The concerned parent then asked why they weren’t in class, and the response received was they did not feel like being in school and walked out.  It wasn’t until later that the parent found out her own child was also skipping classes.  Upon hearing that, the parent went to the local H.S. to get her child out of that situation and, upon walking through the hallways, witnessed a scene of chaos.  “There was a lot of very loud yelling mixed with the four letter word,” the parent said.  The parent went on to say that when she confronted school officials about why they did not notify her that her child was skipping school, the officials responded “that they had no control of the students coming and going.”

The parent removed her child from the school, but she pondered what happened to the “Swipe it System,” a BCPS initiative that was supposed to deal with this type of problem.  “That program only lasted for a short period of time, and I wondered how much money they lost on that idea,” she opined.

Later that evening, the Post received information from a police officer, who reported the assault and battery of a school resource officer in another county school.  The resource officer was punched in the face several times by a student.  After the assault occurred, it took several officers to apprehend the student, who then was arrested and charged.

That assault was verified by the Baltimore County Police Department.

Many of us are all too familiar with that scenario, which many times is buried in the juvenile court system.

The Post now is sitting on some information that might explain the situation at DHS, as well as a quote from a local leading politician: “The DHS situation is under investigation, and I would rather not be involved.”

The reason the Post does not name sources is to protect the identity of those persons from BCPS retribution. BCPS is unfortunately known for intimidating anyone who attempts to speak out against the administration. A direct example of this was when Mychael Dickerson demanded to know the name of the person who told the Post that the principal in question was on “long-term leave.”

We have taken every step to protect the privacy of everyone involved but yet get the truth about this pending crisis in BCPS to concerned parents and taxpayers. This is a far cry from the image Dr. Dallas Dance attempted to portray in this link from BCPS.

With all of that said, we want to address some of the attacks on the Post’s credibility as portrayed in this comment:

Seth I. Rich
Seth I. Rich 6:18am May 18
I know I will regret this, but maybe it’s worth noting again that BCPS is not covered by HIPPA, because they are not (1) A health plan, (2) A health care clearinghouse, (3) A health care provider, or (b) a business associate of a health plan, health care clearinghouse, or health care provider.

If you look at Mr. Rich’s FB site, this is the  first  photo you see:

Interesting photo in that Councilman Crandell featured on the right has been AWOL on this entire matter.

Other photos include this one from:

Pete Fitzpatrick:














Angela Marie:

Buzz Beeler, this is a sincere question: When was the last time you were in a public high school classroom? Also, if you would like to address the behavior and lack of consequences, you should be directing questions to MSDE. They approved a new policy in 2014. All counties must follow the guidelines. There are also separate guidelines for students with disabilities, per the IDEA. I’ve attached a sample of the suggested responses for cursing.

Here is another interesting comment, to which I respond that I taught traffic safety at BCPS for 19 years.

Some of the comments also attacked the validity of The Towson Flyer article written by Joanne C. Simpson. Some of the comments by these trolls even attacked Ms. Simpson’s credibility as a journalist.  Her background is listed here:
I would suggest to Ms. Marie that she attach a document that is readable next time.

Joanne C. Simpson is a former staff writer for The Miami Herald, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, and Johns Hopkins Magazine. She is a BCPS parent, college educator, and freelance writer based in Baltimore.

Here is a link to her solid reporting concerning Dr. Dance’s travel expenses.

Before I close this column, I want to point out the complete lack of interest in this situation from Councilman Todd Crandell, along with others who should be concerned at the “serving the citizens” level. I found it interesting that a discussion thread on this issue was shut down by a moderator  when none of the comments crossed the line.

I guess the old idiom holds weight: the truth hurts.

As to the ongoing violence in BCPS, neither Councilman Crandell nor anyone else on the council has uttered one word … except to praise Dr. Dance.

I am guessing that the council is too busy with development deals.

The Post will keep our readers abreast of further details as they develop.

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