Voters Left Voiceless, Part 2
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

April 8, 2015 9:02 pm ET

Further assessing the performance of Councilman Crandell

Source: Voters Left Voiceless, Part 2

Photo, The Avenue News – Councilman Todd Crandell and Council Chairwoman Cathy Bevins

This is where I begin Part 2 of this blog, or play the “where did I leave off?” game. Honestly, it’s hard to tell where I left off in the first part of the blog, because it all becomes a blur with so much to say on the topic.

However, before I begin my ranting against the tax collector and overturn some tables in the Temple, let me say thank you to Baltimore County’s battle against the dreaded “pot hole” and the quick response from those who do their jobs for the people. I would use names, but I don’t want “X” to mark the spot for snipers.

Now back to the well-used ink pad and how the stains of that ink have left indelible “marks” on our communities. (See what I did there?)

Part I of my assessment of our Councilman, Todd Crandell, stemmed from his no show at the hearings on the Government Center (GC), leaving his constituents high and dry. At the end of that blog, I concluded with the Councilman’s rhetoric vs. the reality of the situation.

To be honest, Clark Kent (and his alter ego) would have a hard time keeping up with the political bomb shells going off in the County, and poor Lois Lane’s typing fingers would be worn to the bone. Modern science calls it Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. My definition of that term is “An affliction of typing too many meaningless forms of rhetoric which clogs the arties of truth, causing pain to the taxpaying voters.”

I’ll make this short and sweet. Look at Mr. Crandell’s words of “what I’m going to do” and “what I’ve done,” just read the Dundalk Eagle. There you will find nada, zip, zilch, and nothingness from Mr. Crandell on both the GC and the closing of the Eastwood School.

That seems awful surprising, especially after he railed against it in his campaign. Funny how things change when you become part of the system you once railed against.

Take the demolition of the Eastwood’s community playground, as reported in the Dundalk Eagle. Mr. Crandell’s response was:

“I’m angered at this,” he said. “There has been a precedent set that the county will do what they want to do and the community will not be notified,” he continued, noting, “The precedent this sets is a very poor one.”

Was that meant to be the start of a revolution? Did I hear fire and brimstone from our “leader” about fighting for that playground? Or, was it just a whimper and a “gee whiz” type of comment?

Folks, I just report the information. You decide for yourselves.

And while we are on that topic, let’s look at the rhetoric that preceded this theft of community property by government forces. It would seem that the voice of our Councilman that has changed several octaves since he was elected by the people.

I love this quote: “I’m angered at this,” he said. “The precedent this sets is a very poor one.”

From where I am sitting, it seems that the Councilman is only angry about the rubber stamp pad running out of ink. After all, that is what happens when one votes for everything Mr. Kamenetz wants, including drowning us to death in taxes, (pun intended.) That rubber stamp has a shelf life, you know.

Has Mr. Crandell ever heard of the system of checks and balances? Has anyone who sits on the County Council? Does the Council know the words “cut” (as in the County Executive’s budget) or, better yet, “NO?”

It would appear not.

Was the Councilman talking about his own words at a campaign debate, which were as follows?

The loss to relocate the precinct is about $5 to $6 million. Councilman Crandell states, “I don’t agree with the movement of the police precinct to an old school.”

Translation: From one old school to another old school, all at the expense of the taxpayers.

With that, the Councilman also adds that a group (AKA Dundalk United) is planning on fighting this agenda of closing the GC through the appeal process, which requires raising money (and lots of it) to stop the move that Mr. Crandell does not like. Where’s his dime, time or better yet support?

How committed to this is our leader? Others, who are actual leaders, have to do the talking for him, as shown in this letter from (“let me at ‘em!”) Delegate Robin Grammer Jr.:

March 30, 2015

The Honorable Kevin Kamenetz
Baltimore County Executive
400 Washington Avenue
Towson, MD 21204

Dear Executive Kamenetz,

I write you today restate my opposition to the sale of the North Point Government Center located at 1747 Merritt Blvd.

Less than one year ago, I attended a community meeting in regard to the sale. It was clear at that time that the community is overwhelmingly opposed to the sale of the North Point Government Center. I continue to stand with them on this issue.

Over the last year, the opposition to the sale of the Government Center from the community has not diminished. I respectfully ask that you reconsider this project. Please keep us apprised of the status of this project.


Delegate Robin L. Grammer Jr.

CC: Governor Larry Hogan
CC: Comptroller Peter Franchot
CC: Treasurer Nancy Kopp
CC: Councilman Todd Crandell

Speaking of the GC, in the Eagle’s article by Ben Boehl about the engineering plans unveiled (front page stuff), Councilman Crandell is mute.

Not even a peep, which are usually available in droves around Easter time.

As I see it, all of those fighting words about “Mr. Crandell is going to Annapolis to fight for tax breaks for our seniors and scream for more transparency” (does Cambridge ring any bells?) were all for naught. Instead, we now have Mr. Crandell meeting privately with Mr. Munshell, the developer behind the $500 million face lift to Fort Howard.

Before I forget, the bells will ring on Cambridge and rather loudly. Never lie to the seeker of truth or as the nuns used to do – whack!

How does that equal transparency?

I think I’ll quit for now, which means that I’m going to need a “part 3” of this blog on this woeful subject.

Then again, with all of the information out there, I may need many more installments. In due time, I suppose.

On a closing note, I’m finding out that our leaders aren’t into that transparency stuff after all. I have been digging into a story for weeks, but everyone suddenly refuses to speak on (or even off) the record. But fear not, folks, a there are just as many people who can’t keep a secret. The gum holding that flood of information is becoming stale and cracks in the dam are appearing. As one who got her start in our city, Oprah would say People are Talking.

There’s more on the way, so don’t change that channel just yet. And keep those safety belts securely fastened for more bumps in the road or shouts of “I’m melting, I’m melting!”

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