Wasting Time by Playing Politics
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 1st June 2017

Historical society chooses poorly regarding time capsule opening host


Political cronyism has taken over the Dundalk Historical Society.


The stench of political cronyism has fowled the Dundalk Historical Society’ opening of the 50 Year Old Time Capsule.  

Yes, I understand that is a pretty strong statement; before you attack the messenger, please read the entire message.

This topic goes back to another sordid tale of political influence, as covered in a column that dealt with the Dundalk Optimist Club’s citizen of the year award. The underbelly of that story dealt with one of Councilman Todd Crandell’s relatives being on the board of the Optimist Club, which may have influenced the vote for the Councilman’s office staff member to receive that prestigious award.  The irony to this is the Post interviewed other members of the community who submitted other deserving names that did not garnish the nominating committee’s attention.

The above link describes in detail the entire ugly process.

Now back to the issue of the present: the Dundalk Historical Society choosing Councilman Crandell to emcee and partake in the opening of the Time Capsule at the Sparrows Point CC gala on 6/2/17.

When I, as the published of the Post, first heard of this decision, I was–to say the least–perplexed. I decided to make some inquires into the matter. The first phone call went right to the source, the Dundalk Historical Society (DHS). I asked to speak with Ms. Shirley Gregory, but I was told she will be out all day. However, unlike when I contact the county government and school system, I was told there was someone who would answer my questions.

But when the questions became too pointed, DHS terminated the call.

It is the policy of the Post not to reveal the names of people not engaged in the decision making process to avoid the potential for retribution against these employees.

With that said, the question asked of DHS was two-fold.  The first question dealt with the decision to politicize this event by choosing Councilman Todd Crandell, who–by all accounts–has not been involved in many community matters. For example, he didn’t attend the meeting at Dundalk Elementary School regarding the historical seal and the 106 Federal application of that statute.

I also asked how this choice was made. I was told the DHS  board decided that Councilman Toddd Crandell was the unanimous decision because he is a citizen. I then inquired if anyone else was nominated, to which the answer was no.  When questioned about the issue of politics being brought into a non-political event, I was told that basically such issued were not of the DHS’s concern.

However, while not naming names, the Post will mention that one of the sponsors of this event is the DRC, whose board members include several people who have ties to the DHS.  Their names are as follows.

Paul Rosenberger

Other Affiliations and Activities:

Dundalk Chamber of Commerce, Vice President

Dundalk Youth Services Center Board of Directors

CCBC-Dundalk Foundation Board of Directors

Dundalk Patapsco Neck Historical Society, Member

Baltimore Harbor Team Advisory Group, Member

Organizer, Dundalk Challenge 5K, Dundalk Heritage 6K, Dundalk Gingerbread 5k


President of the DRC, Willlian Feuer

Other Affiliations and Activities:

President, Eastern Regional Lions Club

Vice-President, Optimist Club of Dundalk

Maryland State Board of Individual Tax Preparers, Member

Selective Service Local Advisory Board, Member

Ateaze Senior Center Volunteer

Dundalk Patapsco Neck Historical Society, Member


Shirley Gregory

Other Affiliations and Activities:

President, Saint Helena Community Association

Board of Directors, Dundalk Patapso-Neck Historical Society and Museum


To review the entire DRC Board, click on this link.

To provide due diligence, the Post made an additional follow up call, during which more information was spewed by the DHS.

I asked why the DHS needed to politicize this event when there are so many more deserving people to engage in opening the capsule, such as the woman who actually was involved in part of that process.

The answer I received was quite disturbing: “There’s politics in everything.”

Lets take this one step further before closing.

Dr. Amey Menzer is the Director of the DRC, and there have been numerous and ongoing issues with Mrs. Menzer’s leadership.  Some of the issues concern the failure to write a rent check, which resulted in the DRC being forced to relocate to its present location.

It was also rather disingenuous for Mrs. Menzer to present a letter from the DRC board in support of as new DES when in fact many of the issues surrounding that school must go through Congress and the applicable 106 statute.   Mrs. Menzer, or at the vary least some of her board members who are associated with the DHS should have known better.

In closing, the ultimate question regarding this whole matter is: Why should a non-political event like this be turned into another fake photo-op for a politician who has largely been AWOL from the community and engages in censorship?

If anyone at DHS can answer that one, please give me a call.

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