Welfare for the Wealthy?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 13th August 2017

Council members granting $2 million to a billionaire is absurd

Once again, extreme examples of corporate cronyism and God knows what else


Within five minutes of publishing our most recent article concerning TPA and the propaganda surrounding UA’s supposed move to TPA’s property, The Baltimore Post received some very disturbing information.

A reader informed us that the Baltimore County Council–specifically Todd Crandell  and Tom Quirk–could be sending more of our tax dollars out the door unnecessarily.

As always, the Post provides our readers with proof of these insane actions by a couple of council members whose past conduct draws scrutiny.

After reading our last report on TPA and the UA debacle taking place at the old steel mill property, one has to question why the council would grant up to $2 million to a company that is facing some difficult times.

Folks, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read the below document and see what is often referred to as corporate welfare, or if you prefer, capital cronyism. I promise you that you won’t have to tax your brain to connect the dots behind Resolution – 66 – 17.  (See below screenshot)

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                        They give grants to billionaires and it’s taxpayer money. Shame on them!!!


Before we move on, someone please explain to me why Mr. Plank, who according to Forbes Magazine has a net worth around $1.74 billion, needs $2 million from us regular middle class taxpayers.

What – Slick – Willie – should we look at first. Let’s just go in chronological order based on the featured image. There is an old idiom that goes: It’s your turn in the barrel.

The dots lead from Annapolis to Towson. Many of those dots appear to be smudge marks at best, and the Post will connect those black smudge marks to the particular culprit.

This link will reveal the true story behind that issue and the involvement of Mr. Fran Taylor, President of the North Point Community Council.  When you view the link, notice that Councilman Crandell rammed this bill through without community oversight. This was solely to benefit TPA by encapsulating business behind closed doors and out of the purview of the public.

On top of this newest slap in the taxpayers face, another reader stepped forward and notified the Post of another large grant to one of the councilman’s other close ties, the DRC.

On top of the already $410,000 granted to the DRC, the new amount of (grab your brown paper bag) $1.1 million is egregious, since it is taxpayer funds. The proof is in the pudding–in this case, resolution 59 – 17.

So far, all we have received from Mr. Crandell is the divisive Rat Core Group, driving Dundalk and Essex into tenth and ninth worst cities in the state respectively. Oh, I almost forgot: the new Section 8 apartment complex behind the Giant Food store and Denny’s Restaurant. Not a whole lot of accolades there folks; just more misery and traffic for the middle class to endure while developers continue to build on every possible open space in the county.

Once again, all you have to do is connect the dots and everything seems to wind up on the property of TPA. As this photograph clearly shows, there is direct correlation between the DRC and TPA.


A photograph speaks a thousand words for this case millions of taxpayer dollars


Let’s take a look at Councilman Tom Quirk’s past, in which some very unpleasant issues came to the surface. I would strongly suggest that people read this link to see what we are referring to.

This debauchery not only involves Baltimore County, but also the state of Maryland and our local delegates who are deeply entrenched in TPA.  Several projects came up at the last meeting concerning the news in Annapolis and its impact on Baltimore County. What we heard from our delegation is more propaganda than reality. Once again, the issue of jobs (10,000 of them) was at the forefront of this gabfest. Blowing more hot air than facts, the delegation pontificated on the wind tunnel issue that TPA is pursuing.

Let’s take a closer look at that other Councilman’s checkered background. It is beyond me that Mr. Quirk, would even consider such taxpayer funded grants and loans with the current state of affairs with the county’s fiscal problems, which include decaying schools, lack of AC, and a wave of violence within that education system. Not to mention the crumbling roadways and a $200 million bond debt.

As always, the Post provides documentation on the subject of this column. Here is the coverage of Mr. Quirk’s early beginnings in the Council. Please read this link provided by The Baltimore Sun.

In conclusion, the Post sincerely believes the council chambers could use a good cleaning with the exception of one person that I believe truly has his constituents and heart–Councilman Wade Kach.

The Baltimore Post will be fully engaged in the coverage of elections in Baltimore County because we believe much is at stake. There has to be someone to hold people accountable as the pay to play issue and capital cronyism continue to infest our local and state governments.

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