Where is the Public Outcry Now?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 16th January 2017

August 6, 2013 11:23 am ET

Main street media strangely silent about videotaped school bus beating. CNN only other network to air coverage.

Source: Where is the Public Outcry Now?

The headline practically jumped off of my computer screen.

“School bus beating in FL – where’s Obama?”

This is what FOX News posted on its website regarding the recent release of a videotaped beating that took place on a school bus. Mark my words, those on the left will decry this headline/story as racist. They will scream their liberal heads off about how FOX is evil and part of the problem with today’s society … blah, blah, blah.

Let’s take a look at this from a realistic point of view.

The bus beating story was featured on FOX’s The Five program as the subject of a roundtable discussion. Despite what the naysayers will conjure up, the footage of the brutal incident does not lie. After watching the events that transpired, the panel had some comments that were hard-hitting and asked tough questions. That is what needs to happen in order to get to the root of the issue.

Taking an honest look at this story is not something you will see happen in the mainstream (or “lamestream,” depending on your point of view) media. Those stories focused on the poor bus driver who retired after the incident because he felt guilty for not doing enough to stop the incident from escalating. Talk about shifting the focus of the issue!

Then again, I guess that the media honchos are probable a tad busy preparing Hillary’s bio that will air as she gears up her presidential bid. Best to focus on such major issues than to cover things in a fair and impartial manner.

You can consider this blog post my preemptive strike at negating the far left’s attack on conservative (but truthful) media.

Aside from the blatant media bias, what is most interesting to me is why such a brutal attack has not drawn any interest by the politicians and community leaders on the left. I guess it does not fit the race baiters’ agenda—they only bring attention and publicity to cases like the Travon Martin incident. I clearly remember the President finding the time to interject his thoughts after that whole mess, but—strangely enough—I don’t hear any more of those “Commander in Chief brain waves” coming out in the media in response to this latest incident of violence … or the potential root causes behind it.

Then again, I don’t hear Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson decrying this violent act or the potential reasons behind it, either. Does anyone else?

Before you start knocking the conservative media’s coverage of the bus beating incident, take the time to listen to the roundtable segment on FOX’s The Five. You will find some interesting banter on the subject within the various panelists’ comments. You may or may not agree with some of the commentators, but the discussion does raise some debate on juvenile violence in this country and the seemingly lack of justice meted out to youthful offenders.

Also, I want people to know that any discussion on the potential root causes of the beating incident or accountability for those involved should not be met with shouts about racism. Facts are facts, and there is no bias or racism involved in reporting the facts fairly (though that is surely not the viewpoint of the left, as that side actually depends on such malaise to further its own agenda).

Come on, liberal media! Let’s cover things down the middle. If you don’t believe that the media coverage is biased, answer me this: was there an outcry in the media over Al Sharpton’s boondoggle regarding the infamous rape case involving Twana Brawley? Of course not. It was simply (and very quietly) reported that Sharpton paid his reparations and the false accuser is now (albeit forcibly) paying hers. No big media splashes here—just a small article buried toward the back of the headlines.

It seems unconscionable that members of the left are able to say—without justification, I might add—whatever they want without fear of consequence. For instance, take the words of Rep. Monique Davis—a Democrat from Chicago—who made the outlandish accusation that Chicago Police may be involved in killing black children. Talk about spreading rumors and innuendo!

But where was the mainstream/lamestream media coverage on that story? I would think that making such an outlandish statement should, at the very least, draw some sort of national news coverage. It’s not like Chicago is some small town next to a railroad track or something.

Yet, once again, the silence is deafening. The leftist media doesn’t want to report on a liberal making wild accusations that are unfounded or just plain idiotic.

So, once again, one has to ask why the President and the community leaders—who had so much to say recently on racial issues—remain silent on the bus beating incident. Typically, everyone jumps on Sharpton’s bandwagon with wild abandonment. But, this time around, the bandwagon is nowhere to be found.

Maybe the President is so silent on this issue because he is too busy trying to divert our attention with ludicrous “phony scandal” rants. Or maybe he is trying to find a way for his Congressional cronies to opt out of the very health care law they passed—Obama Care.

Imagine that, Congress passes a law that none of them apparently read, so now they are crying foul about the “put up or shut up” aspect of the several thousand page document they all voted for because they don’t actually want to be a part of it. What happened to, “Of the people, by the people, and for the people” anyway?

Finally, let’s ask the Reverend Al to explain his position on the Florida video.   I mean, after all, he saw it like the rest of us, right?


(More silence.)

We need to hold our leaders—elected and appointed otherwise—accountable. If they want to speak out on the issues, then they should speak out on all of the issues … or none at all. And the same goes for the media outlets that are solidly on the left.

After all, aren’t they all preaching about equality?

One more thought.  Would you be surprised if I said Baltimore County’s Board of Education has similar videos of school bus violence?  I thought not!

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