Why reopening public schools nationwide will potentially save lives
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 30th June 2020

Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared before Congress today announcing more draconian predictions for the coronavirus pandemic.

The Baltimore Post would like to provide a counter-narrative to Dr. Fauci’s dire predictions.

We hope that Gov. Larry Hogan does his due diligence in examining the facts presented by other experts in the field of epidemiology.

We firmly believe the governor should base his decision on reopening schools across the state of Maryland accordingly.

This following statement from one of those experts, Dr. Scott Atlas, may grab your attention:

Hoover Institute fellow Dr. Scott Atlas criticized policy proposals that would continue to keep schools closed after summer. In an interview Monday night with Tucker Carlson, Atlas also weighed in on a possible second lockdown following the flareup of new coronavirus cases, calling it “the most irrational public policy probably in modern history.”

BCPS information on COVID-19 and other related matters

Some background on the research done by The Baltimore Post concerning this issue

And now let us provide some real clear answers to any questions you may have about allowing schoolchildren back into classrooms. Simply put, the students will benefit from a much better learning environment, and getting them back in the school buildings will ultimately help save lives.

The following information was taken from Real Clear Politics describing the necessity to reopen schools:

Read more about Dr. Scott Atlas’s rebuttal to the lockdown and suppression of our freedom

Finally, the following video features Dr. Atlas in an earlier interview with Tucker Carlson:

As always, our motto is: “You read; you decide.”

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