Words Get in the Way of DRC’s Agenda
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

November 10, 2015 9:55 pm ET

DRC under fire over statements related to Government Center

Source: Words Get in the Way of DRC’s Agenda

Folks, can someone please explain how two doctors with close ties (as in leadership) to the Dundalk Renaissance Corporation (DRC) aren’t able to put their heads together and “get it right,” so to speak? I’m quite sure that those degrees came through some form of due diligence.

After all, JHU was involved in some part of this vetting.

As you may know, the DRC has a rather troubled history. OK, so let me let bygones be bygones for the moment and focus my attention on the most recent incidents rather than dwell on the past.

For example, the two doctors mentioned in the opening—Dr. Amy Menzer and her husband, Dr. Scott Hulpka—have led a charge to bring more retail outlets to Dundalk through their support for the sale of the Government Center.

Dr. Hulpka’s failed bid at a run for county council rallied around the issue of the GC sale.

That whole agenda started from the beginning, when the rumors were flying about how the county was going to sell government land in order to raise funds for hot air…er, excuse me…air conditioning for schools.

The truth is, everything the county said was nothing but hot air, about $10 million worth.

Meanwhile, the DRC jumped aboard the Kamenetz bandwagon, like so many times before, and wrote several letters under the banner of support for more retail outlets. However, what the DRC thought about more “big box” retailers transcending into more jobs and leading to a better quality of life for Dundalk isn’t quite true.

In fact, just the opposite is true.

Mrs. Menzer forgot to do her homework regarding what is a “living wage job.”

It’s really not hard to figure out—that is unless one cannot manage one’s own finances, which in the case of the DRC.

Case in point: a while back, a little bird told me a story that, at first, I thought was unbelievable about the DRC spending a fortune to renovate an office that was shortly thereafter vacated. So, as any good journalist would do, I inquired about what I had been told. Immediately, Dr. Menzer went on the offensive. Apparently she learned that tactic at the University of Liberalism, where nothing is your fault and blaming the messenger is the preferred response.

In my case, Dr. Menzer refused to answer my questions because she felt that I had an agenda against the DRC. That is a term used by the left when they believe someone is “out to get them,” which was apparently evidenced by my writing. It did not matter that I sent the good doctor numerous articles in which I covered positive DRC events, such as its citizen of the year or its trashcan giveaway to the citizens of Dundalk.

Nope, none of that mattered, and do you know why? How embarrassing would it be for the head of one of the county’s largest non-profits to admit that she messed up big time?

I say, “So what?” Everyone makes mistakes, so she should just own up to it, take her lumps, and move on.

Now, here are the kickers, of which there are two.

First, on Mrs. Menzer’s Facebook page, there is an ad with all the fancy prints (I guess from the county) announcing the fake press release from the county stating that Five Guys and some other companies sent letters of intent about setting up shop at Merritt Pavilion. Call it fake, if you want to, but I prefer the word “lie.”

Or, for you left wingers, call it a “fib.”

Right below that little ditty is the second kicker, where Mrs. Menzer proudly announces that she signed a petition to have the Syrian refuges come to Baltimore. Good for you, because if the refugees stop me and ask for directions, I will be sure to send them over to the DRC.

Before I put a cork in this, I would suggest Dr. Menzer at least do some research and look at this revealing chart. It says a lot.


Now, as far as those construction jobs go, if it is anything like the construction of the Dundalk High School, the only thing we’ll see are out-of-state tags.


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