“You May NOT Be Excused”
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 19th January 2017

May 28, 2014 8:42 pm ET

Circuit Court Judge Denies Kamenetz’s Request

Source: “You May NOT Be Excused”

The news came out today: Judge Finifter told our County Executive, Kevin Kamenetz, that he is not excused from appearing before the court.

Can you say, “DENIED!!!”? Apparently the judge can.

Before I publish this statement by the Baltimore County Fraternal Order of Police regarding the ongoing battle with the county over benefits owed to retirees, and more specifically the County Executive’s arrogant defiance of court orders, there needs to be some remarks by this blogger over the county’s utter disregard for several things:

a)      common sense

b)      respect for the law

c)      an utter waste of taxpayer funds and

d)     a ton of other faux pas that would drive a kindergarten teacher nuts.

One of the cast of characters is one that I have written about over the years—none other than Fred Homan. To hear other news outlets rave over this man’s achievements is comical. A former editor of Patch once referred to Mr. Homan as “The Office of Fred.”

I don’t think that coined phrase by county employees was meant to reflect on the same editorial opinions over Mr. Homan’s abilities, but—as the saying goes—“if the shoe fits…”

The rave reviews went something like this: “Oh, look at all the money Mr. Homan has saved the taxpayers and his great ability at…managing the county’s coffers when in fact the county is headed by way of Detroit, in my humble opinion, to another Baltimore City or facsimile thereof.”

More on that latter…

So, let me cut to the chase. The bottom line here is that Mr. Kamenetz and his staff had better toe the line, as the saying goes, or they may all be doing the “HOKEY IN THE POKEY!

Here is the statement from the FOP, Lodge #4 on this issue:


Judge Finifter Denies Baltimore County’s Motion to Quash for Kamenetz Contempt Hearing

Posted on Wed 05/28/2014 by fopAdmin

Baltimore County Circuit Court Judge Finifter has denied a motion by Baltimore County in the upcoming June 26, 2014 Show Cause Hearing. The County’s motion was to strike County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, Baltimore County Administrative Officer Fred Homan and Director of Budget and Finance Keith Dorsey individually. In the Order dated May, 28,2014 Judge Finifter Denied the motion.

On April 15, 2014 Judge Finifter issued a Show Cause Order for the above to appear before the Court for a hearing on the Petition for Contempt and Show Cause why the Court should not hold each in contempt and/or impose sanctions, including incarceration.

The case stems from a grievance filed by the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #4 back in 2008. The FOP won the grievance in arbitration and the case has been appealed up to Maryland’s highest court, The Maryland Court of Appeals, who ruled in favor of the FOP. The County has since refused to reimburse the 442 affected retirees ($1,626,567.28) for overcharges in health care subsidies.

(Blogger’s note.  No comment form the administration. YA think!)

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