Stolen Identity
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 18th January 2017

September 22, 2013 1:42 pm ET

Miscreants post blog, comments in my name

Source: Stolen Identity

There is an old saying that “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.” However, that does not apply to impersonation, because I am definitely NOT flattered.

Let me explain what has happened, folks.

Anyone that knows me understands that I am a writer/blogger/journalist who simply seeks to report on the truth. However, many such writers find that there are people—bitter, petty people—who will stop at nothing to discredit the information presented, as well as the writer.

Such is the case with two individuals that use the pseudonyms Jack Salty and Dundalk Donnie. These two individuals are frequent commenters on my articles, and their comments are far from constructive. They are bullies who attack me, my information, my credibility, and anyone who dares to side with me in the comments section.

Their pattern of abuse was continuing to escalate—Dundalk Donnie’s comments are filled with curse words and laced with slurs, so much so that he has had to use numerous other names due constant violations of Patch’s terms of use. Jack Salty is Dundalk Donnie’s confidant and also bullies people in the comments.

For a while, I attempted to debate these two, but I decided that it isn’t worth my time. So, as I am allowed to do since it is MY blog, I began simply deleting their comments.

Apparently that led them to take their bullying in a new direction—identity theft.

Jack Salty and Dundalk Donnie are using my name to post comments and a recent blog that is obviously not written by me.

They also posted numerous comments on Patch’s site also using my name.

How do I know that they are behind this? Jack Salty is practically taking responsibility for this name hacking based on his own postings.

Here is one of the hundreds of comments the two have made:

Jack Salty commented on the article “Shake-up at Dundalk Patch” you commented on in Buzz Beeler’s Blog:

“This is the most entertained I have ever been. Patch might be sticking around a while longer if this type of entertainment is available.”

Anyone who has read my blog knows that that this fake blog is not mine, as you can well see. There is only one post on this site, rather than the many posts I have made here on the Patch.

There are several issues at stake here. One, I will not stop on reporting the truth, no matter how many bullies are out there. Two, I will fight back through the legal system to hold these people accountable for slander, as well as possible criminal violations. After all, in today’s age of identity theft, one would have to think that impersonating an established blogger to undermine his credibility would at least have some misdemeanor consequences. We recently saw this when Fox reporter James Rosen was targeted.

Finally, I am reporting this issue on my true blog site because there are obviously some folks that have fallen for this ruse. Ed Veit made the following comment on the fake blog:

Ed Veit commented on the article “Shake-up at Dundalk Patch” you commented on in Buzz Beeler’s Blog:

“Who is Herbert Melville? “…take there quote out of context.” Next time use “their quote.” And Buzzy, you do write fiction.”

When I asked Mr. Veit to articulate on the alleged fiction I wrote, he did not reply.  No substance only allegations from Mr. Veit.  I wonder how he feels about slander and cyber bullying of the two miscreants he apparently sided with?

Patch has been notified and is taking action to end this kind of harassment and cyber-bullying.

I will keep my true readers updated on the status of this important and vicious attack on me and my blog, which is solely dedicated to reporting on various issues that impact our community.

I will not be deterred or intimidate by these people, and that’s the bottom line…

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